Twas Two Nights Before Christmas..

Twas Two Nights Before Christmas when all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, except Mimi’s “mouse.”
Clicking away at such lightning speed,
in order to make manifest releases by staffers,
while dressed in her ugliest tweeds.

Sweater that is, for it is cold inside.
There is a NO HEATER rule which she must strictly abide.
The electricity bill was way too high this month,
so she is at her computer, huddled in a lump.
Hope all is well, and your family of good cheer.
We will see you again in the new year!

Best Wishes,
Mimi/Hats & the Stiletto Heels Team

P.S. Thank you Elena and Optimus Prime for your contributions to Toribako House. I was so damn slow getting it done, I bet you think me a louse!

P.P.S. OK, maybe I should stop with the rhymes.

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