Decisions, cats and lots of fluffiness

Release time and a bit of a cat story.

It’s Wednesday and me and my bf return to the car after a walk to the nearby beach. I think I’m hearing something as we draw closer but I can’t be sure. I decide to detour for a bit and I spot a fluffy black and brown ball with blue eyes under a dumpster, staring at me. I halt and I bend down. The little hairball was meowing all this time in need of some one’s attention but all I get after trying to get close to it, it’s a baby hiss. Damn, so cute. That’s when the first decision took place. I manage to capture the little buster after a few tries and then I bring it home. It was so hungry that it was gulping down what my other cat had left behind the same morning.

The other cat, Bella, is a little older than 1 year old and I took her in when her cat mother had abandoned her. She wasn’t more than 2-3 days old. Her eyes and ears hadn’t opened yet and I had to feed her through a baby bottle every three to four hours until she could eat on her own. Eventually, she turned out antisocial and wild, because she was raised away from her kind.

When the baby cat appeared, Bella was hostile and soon after, she fell into depression. I won’t lie, the baby is beautiful, cute, fluffy, friendly and so small. It wins your heart as soon as you lay your eyes on it. Then the second decision came to light. Many told me to give Bella away and keep the baby, after comparing the two. Well, after some thought and sentimentalism I concluded that no matter how cute the baby cat is, Bella stays. She has slowly returned to her old self and she is even coming near the baby cat on her own. Cautiously. That’s a good sign but it’s just the beginning of a long road.

Concluding, since it’s all about decisions, maybe I should keep the little hairball too? >.<

Now onto our releases…

Chapter 3: Download | Read Online

It’s been a while but Nikotama is back. Short chapter, heavy subject and gives us  a lot to think about.

And introducing a new project Love Master X by Moyoco Anno featuring our crazy stalker-chick Nao.
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This chapter was weird. It was so weird.