Anything is possible, even…October in February?

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We, as a team, have set some goals toward finishing up a few of your beloved projects like Futago and Principal, and we have a lot more in the works, don’t you worry.

A bit of a disclaimer, but the following release post was written back in Oct 2018. We did, in fact, intend to release that month, but then I simply vanished.

Readers: Wait, wait, what? Like vanished vanished? How do you just vanish like that?

Admin Hats (not listening): (starts makes whistling wind sounds)

October’s got those orange eyes

My favorite month is over. Well, it’s not like something especially good happens to me in October, except my birthday. (It doesn’t count, but it explains my addiction a bit.) I’ve always loved this time of the year for its beautifully colored trees (nature’s gorgeous decay, like a poet said), transparent skies and this special atmosphere of dark fairy tales.

So, I had many great plans for this month but it ended up being really busy with studies, sicknesses and choir singing. And also cooking apple pies. I wanted to go somewhere out of town (‘somewhere full of yellow and red trees’), but when I finally found some time, it turned out that trees were quicker than me and they already had gotten rid of their leaves. What a disappointment.

Another plan was to complete that famous art challenge aka Inktober: I was inspired by the success of the previous year when I somehow managed to draw every day and did all 31 pics, but this year I was either too busy or too exhausted to draw and finished only 13 sketches.

Like this, I failed to complete all my October plans. This month was obviously far from productive, and I was totally unable to do things I like even when I had some free time, which is a bit unsettling and upsetting. But it seems that sometimes you might need a break even from things you enjoy. Perhaps, in this case, drifting quietly from one thing to another helps to restore some emotional power somehow?

By the way, I get an impression that people mostly associate October with spooky stuff and Halloween. Personally I’m pretty chill about this holiday as we don’t really celebrate it where I live, but some of my forever favorite stories are closely related to this: Over the Garden Wall, a wonderful series by Cartoon Network, and Fire and Hemlock, a fantasy novel written by Diana Wynne Jones. Imo, her books are the best to read in autumn. Her magic is so natural so sometimes it doesn’t really feel like magic but just the way her worlds work, and at the same time her slice of life component is so full of little details, coincidences and metaphors so it feels like magic. I highly recommend Fire and Hemlock: the story is really good in terms of character development and it captures this peculiar autumn atmosphere in a wonderful way.

And like this, my first releases post here turned into an autumn-loving fool’s rant (who also uses every opportunity to promote DWJ and Fire and Hemlock, haha). I usually keep silent in group chats, but may speak a lot when given a chance. Bear with me, guys :’> I’m curious, what do you  feel about autumn? Do you have any ‘autumn traditions’?

As for releases, one short release to kick-start our return: Chapter 6[end of vol.1]: Kiyotake and Sono have a date? Hahaha… what? – CLICK THE ICON TO READ ONLINE 🙂