• Hello! I’m really grateful for your translation of Ane no Kekkon and &. Those two mangas inspired me greatly and I will always remember them as my favorites.
    May I ask would you guys continue on Ane no Kekkon? And is there any way the readers can help you? (via donation or typesetting or such)
    Thankyou very much and take care <3

  • Hello,
    Are you guys still up and running? Do you want some help with editing translations… or anything? Just want to make sure you guys can keep up the good work here.

    • Yes, we are still up and running. The problem is we both can’t find the time to work together and get the ball rolling to release a chapter, we are busy in real life.

    • Hi, this is SwirlyOwl. I’m a long time editor here at SH. Please contact me via email. We can discuss and see what you are interested in. Here is my email address:

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