“You are what you eat.”

And what we consume, devour, dine, feast, gobble up, nibble, sup, and masticate on are literary art in comic book form, direct from the warped minds of geniuses primarily of the gentler sex.

Though we are partial to grand titles, such as Stalwart Aficionados and Grand Members of the Higher Echelons in the Studies of Literary Josei, deep down we know we’re just a bunch of manga geeks who like to look at pretty pictures.

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Lovely Strange Dark – Scanlates obscure works, mainly josei, shoujo, and seinen, which are lovely, strange, or dark.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where does your team name (Stiletto Heels) come from?
A: We love a good pair of comfortable sneakers, but there’s no denying the appeal of high heels. Because they “inspire simultaneous fantasies of vulnerability (who can run in them?) and of the heel as weapon.” And, well, cause we think the name suits us very well.

Q: What projects do you work on here?
A: We like good stories, and they just happen to be mainly Josei. Not our fault.

Q: Are you accepting any suggestions for new projects to translate?
A: No, but if you’d like help on translating a chapter or two from Japanese to English, please email Hats at hatsoomeme@gmail.com.

Q: Where can I go to download your releases?
A: All of our downloads can be found on the Projects page.

Other notable facts: Everything you see here is free for your viewing pleasure. We ask that you purchase the manga you read when it becomes available in a language you’re able to read, and even if it’s in a language you can’t read, and please cease distribution after it becomes licensed! The creators retain all copyright, and they deserve all the dough (yep, even the cookie dough), ’cause Cookie Monster says so.
For all other queries, please see his assistant: (.Or just pop us a comment, and we’ll get back to you shortly.)


  • Hi there! I have been reading stiletto heels scanalations for a decade I think. I love all the work you do. I was wondering when will there be new releases for & by okazaki mari? Thank you for your hard work.

  • Dear Stiletto Heels group,
    I”m a member of a Vietnamese translation group and I’m a huge fan of Sekine-kun promect. There used to be a version of this manga in my mother tongue, but the translator suddenly dropped, and I was really disappointed. Then, I found your translation, which has cheered me up during the most stressful year I had ever suffered. Because of that, I want to share the rest of this unfinished manga to my friends and every fan of it in my country. I am writing this message to you in order to ask permission for using your scan translating Sekine’s love into my mother language. Thank you for spending your time reading this and I’m looking forward to your answer.

  • Hello Stiletto Heels group! I belong to the administration of a group of fansub in Spanish called “Royal Murders Fansub (RMF)”. Our group was created mainly to be able to finish of retranslating the manga “Principal” of Ikuemi Ryo into Spanish, whose permission of retranslation was originally granted to White Lies Fansub and they dropped the project more than a year ago.

    We kindly request your permission for our fansub to retranslate the manga from English to Spanish from chapter 12 to chapter 26. We would like to use your translation and scans. We assure you that we will keep all your credits and special pages, of course, and we will link it to your website!

    Without more we expect your approval to start working on the project.
    Thank you very much for your time.

    RMF Staff

    • Hi there,
      You have permission to re-translate into Spanish. I need to update the reader and site soon, but I’ll be sure to link you guys on our website when I do.

  • Hi, I don’t know if anyone asked this yet (and I am far too lazy to look through all 6 pages of comments), but who exactly are those people in your banner? Are they some JPop band? The guy on the right end looks cute, and everyone seems… interesting… Aha~ ^^

    • Hahaha, no problem, Helen. They’re a 7 member (5 boys and 2 girls) pop group. I listened to them during their debut, but didn’t really get into their music until post-Buzz Communication Tour, when they came out with “Still Love You.” I think that was when I became a raving fangirl.
      This song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3ndhKexgck

      Then came “Party It Up”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pp7jFpkHpy4
      Then came “Miss You”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1YvVRGgnVI
      Then came “Koi Oto to Amazora”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_1t2Dkd2Io
      Then came the Eighth Wonder Concert Tour, and their “Kizuna Gasshuku” show on Youtube, and then the new summer song with the girls in the group leading the vocals, and now I am enslaved for good…

      You shouldn’t have got me started. Now I can’t stop!

      • Ahahaha, I was so curious though!! ♥ 😉

        Yesss, thanks for the recommendations! J-Pop has been dying on me lately for quite the years, so it’s always great to hear something new. 😀

        Thanks again! ♥


      • HOLY SH*T, THEY’RE CUTE AS FRICK. OMGOMGOMGOMG, LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME NOW… I just watched the first video, and I’m already dying, like, WHAAAAT. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

        Omg, I’ll be honest, it’s not easy to find cute, good-looking Japanese men these days (well, at least for me, that is), BUUUT OMG, THEY’RE ALL SO CUTE. I’m going crazy over Takahiro Nishijima, and Mitsuhiro Hidaka.~~~ ♥ I ship Nishijima with Misako thou~~ Not bad at all. 😀

        Ahhh, I swear, ALL their voices are sooo resonating and beautiful~~ I haven’t heard J-Pop in a while, and this amazes me to so many levels, ohgawsh. >//////<

        • I’m not sure what happened between Nishijima and Misako lately but they’re not as close as they used to be. Misako seems to get along with Shinjiro more, while I think the girl Nishijima is friendliest with in the group is Chiaki. You always see him grabbing her by the shoulders, making her sit in his lap, and messing around with her rather naturally. Unfortunately, I don’t think the girls in the group see him as a “guy.” Nishijima can be very feminine, and his male fans are known to say they want to marry him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not gay or bisexual. But from my observations, he seems to struggle with depression and one-sided love affairs that borders on obsession.

          As for me, I totally ship Hidaka and Chiaki as friends if not lovers. Their chemistry together and the little tweets they occasionally send each other always give me the fuzzies. I love how she’s the only one he’s visibly nervous over being alone with. During Kizuna Gasshuku 2, when AAA went to the amusement park, Hidaka ended up holding Chiaki’s hand while running out of the Haunted Hospital, lol.

          Here they are in Singapore for their Kizuna Gasshuku 3 doing rock-paper-scissors to see who has to share rooms for the night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDHVa3snHyw

          An incomplete translation of the video:

          Uno beats Shuuta to get the single room. Chiaki can’t conceal her shock, and Hidaka jokes that she has to camp outside by herself.

          Naoya asks them to do another round for the time being, and it ends up being Nishijima-Shinjiro, Naoya-Shuuta, and Chiaki-Hidaka.

          Hidaka (putting a hand over Chiaki’s shoulder): Well, what’s gotta be gotta be.
          Shinjiro: Hey! Hey! You guys better not.
          Shuuta (wagging his finger): Yeah, you’d better not. Whatever it is, you’d better not.
          Chiaki pretends to cover herself, and Uno cracks up and asks her what’s that supposed to mean? Nishijima starts to say, “Ever since the first episode, you guys have been-“ but Naoya cuts him off with, “Hey, you guys need to stop that. Your ears are turning red for real.”

          Chiaki tries to explain that they’re embarrassed because they were seated right next to each other, while Hidaka can barely make eye contact with anyone at the table. Shinjiro tells them to stare into each other’s eyes.

          Shinjiro: Hidaka, look into each other’s eyes.
          Hidaka (not catching what he said): What?
          Misako: In five seconds, look into each other’s eyes. Pretend you’ll be sharing the same room.
          Hidaka points at Shinjiro: Why are you having so much fun?
          Chiaki: You’re having fun just because it doesn’t involve you, aren’t you?

          They force Hidaka and Chiaki to look into each other’s eyes.

          Hidaka: We’ll be sharing a room tonight, so please take care of me.
          Chiaki cracks up and buries her face in her hands, and Hidaka cracks up and covers his face.

          Hidachia/Dacchaki is my one weakness. (/ε\*) (/ε\*) (/ε\*) /fangirls

      • Omgomgomg, and I totally love Shuta Sueyoshi too~~~~ ♥ I’m still rewatching their “Still Love You” MV, omgomgomgomg ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Hello, I’m Blacksoil, one of the admin of » der ¤ Himmel « { Scanlations Team • (http://der.himmel.blogfree.net/), I wanted to ask you if it was possibile have permission to translate into Italian Torch Song Ecology, Amato Amaro, Sekine’s Love, Otoko no Issho, Heartbroken Chocolatier, Chirui, Gad Sfortunato, Nigeru Otoko, What Revolves Around Al and Neri.
    Look forward to your response, thank you for all your work and see you soon.

  • I just wanted to ask if my italian team on Lost in Wonderlands Scanlations could use your scans of “Bitou Lollipop” and translate it in italian? If you want more information, I’ll give you. Thanks in advice, whatever your answer is (:

    • I can only give you permission for Ch.1-10. You will have to get permission for the translations for the rest of it from the other group who picked it up after we dropped it. You can find them here: fgscans.blogspot.com

  • Hello there!! I”m Nikki from Kurama no fan-sub , I would like to ask permission to translate 3 am Dangerous Zone to Spanish , I guess that Koizura Fansub is working on it but they just translated 2 chapters to spanish, and we want to keep going with the manga I look forward for your answer. By the way we would be very happy to work on this project, and if we cannot working on 3 am dangerous zone, I hope can give us some projects that still have not been translated to Spanish, thanks

  • Hello! I belong to a fansub in spanish called Loto Fansub and i’m writing to you to ask if you could allow us to use your scans for
    (& – and -, Teke Teke ★ Rendezvous, and Anata no Koto wa Sorehodo)
    thank you for your time.

  • About permission of manga Nobody Cry.
    Hello. I am from a translation team in Vietnam. We find your work very interesting and have high quality to it. So, we would like you to give us permission to use your work on our project of translating this series into Vietnamese. We look forward to your reply. Thank you for your trouble reading this.

  • Hello 🙂
    My name is Shiori and I’m polish group admin. I would like to ask you for permission to re-translate the Principal. I really love this project 🙂 and i hope you will give me a chance to share it with polish manga fans.
    I didn’t know where can I ask you that, that’s why I’m writing it here 🙂 Sorry for bothering you.
    Best regards,

  • Hello! I introduce myself, I’m one of the administrators of “soranoenogu” my page is “www.soranoenogu.blogspot.com” and I care four manga that you’re performing.
    This are “Balancing Toy, Shinkuu Katakoi Pack, Kiyoku Yawaku, principal “, wanted to ask if you could I translate this manga into Spanish?. I love your pag and your mangas I could not resist to order more 4 mangas

    Thanks so much and we wait your answer

    PD: sorry for my bad english >.<
    My mail is: sora.no.enogu@hotmail.com
    for anything ^^

    Soranoenogu ^^

  • Hello! I’m part of the staff of yaoi paradise, we ask you please lend us their scans and translation of “Nigeru Otoko” and “What Revolves Around Aru and Neri” for translate them into Spanish really would appreciate lot and of course we will give all credits corresponding we await your response, thank you very much in advance 🙂

    • Yes, you may. Please send me a link to your website/forum so that we can add you to our list of affiliates. 🙂

  • Hi! i am part of a Fansub, called Whitelies fansub, I wanted to know if I give permission to use yours scans ANE NO KEKKON and Anata no Koto wa Sorehodo ? for translated to spanish. thank you very much.

  • To the Stiletto Heels Team:
    Thank you eternally for translating & by Okazaki Mari! It’s my favorite manga right now even with just 6 chapters!
    I honestly don’t know how to say thank you! I wish I could offer my help to translate buy I don’t speak or read Japanese! I don’t know if this comment is a nuisance or one of encouragement to you, but I just wanted to let you know it means a lot to me that you are working on translating it! I also read Natsuyuki Rendezvous which is again, thanks to you! Once more, THANK YOU AGAIN. I AM MOST LIKELY YOUR BIGGEST FAN! <3<3<3

    • Well, if you can’t translate, you could always be a proofreader or editor. The team really needs cleaners.

  • Hello! I’am leader of russian scanlation team Innermot World (innermost-world.do.am) and I’d like to ask you for permission to translate one of your projects: Ane no Kekkon. Is it possible?

    • If no other Russian team is working on it, you are free to pick it up. We only allow one group per language to re-translate our projects. Please credit us for our portion of the work. Thank you.

  • Hi! My name is Rosiluz and I’m a part of a Fansub called Whitelies Fansub, I wanted to know if I give permission to use yours scans of “(&) And”, Himawari, Chiisai Hitsuji wa Yume wo Miru, Itoshi no Niina, Kiyoku Yawaku, Balancing Toy, Ane no Kekkon, Futago, Junai Rosen, Natsuyuki Rendez-vous, Nigeru Otoko, Otoko no Issho, Tokyo Alice and Toribako House to translate into spanish. Thank you very much

    • We only allow ONE group per language to retranslate our projects. If any of our projects are already taken by another Spanish group, please do not retranslate. For everything else, you may have permission provided you credit us where credit is due and put a link for our website. Thank you.

  • Hello, I’m Blacksoil, one of the admin of » der ¤ Himmel « { Scanlations Team , I wanted to ask you if it was possibile have permission to translate into Italian Natsuyuki Rendezvous.
    Look forward to your response, thank you for all your work and see you soon.

    • Blacksoil, we only allow one group per language. If you do not see any other active Italian groups scanlating this project, you may feel free to do so, provided you credit us where credit is due. Good luck. 🙂

  • Hi! My name is Camila and I’m a part of a Fansub called Whitelies Fansub, I wanted to know if I give permission to use yours scans of “(&) And” to translate into spanish. Thank you very much

  • Hi i am admin of a group to translate into spanish, we like order permission to use yours scans of this series;
    -Balancing Toy
    -Kiyoku Yawanaku

    we are Pig Rabbit Fansub

  • Hi there, I’m admin of translation team in spanish, would like to ask your permission to re-translate on this manga: “Yajirobee” *-*
    Thanks for your hard work with the english translations <3!

  • I’m just interested to Otoko no isshou, I do not think that it is between team projects, I have seen now.I’m mistake?

      • Really?thank you very much…very nice…this will be my first project of my future blog.Thank you again 😀 I also have to give the name of the blog?or contact you as soon as I
        opened with the final name?

  • hi, am an italian girl who would like to start a blog to scan, I am interested in your project.I would like to re-translate into my language and publish it in my future blog, is it possible? Thanks.

  • Hi i an the admi to yhe group to re traslation to spanish i like order permission to use yours sscans of balancing toy . Bitou lollipop and heartbroken chocolatier
    thanks for your work

  • Hi, I’ve already left a message on the chatbox in the forum…
    but just in case anyway. I seem to have signed up for wordpress (stiletto heels team) instead of the forums, and now it says that I am one of the admins?
    I’d like to delete the wordpress account, but can’t seem to find how… thank you and sorry ):

  • Fede, which projects were you interested in? Please email me with details at stilettoheelsteam[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks. 🙂

  • Hi, i’m an italian scanlator and I’d like to ask you permission to retranslate in my language some projects…is it possible? In your FAQ there isn’t nothing about it. Thanks a lot!


  • Just wondering what you mean by hosting. Do you mean not accepting hosts for your website? Or not accepting hosting of your scanlated works on other sites? I’d like to upload some of your works to Batoto.net, and was simply asking for your permission first. A yes is fine, and a no is cool too, but I like to ask before indiscriminately uploading. Feel free to respond here or to my email with an answer.

  • Hi! I’m Trefl from Neomelodramatic. First, great thanks for Amato Amaro. It’s a really good job! I want ask you to give us permission to re-translation into polish chapters that you’ll do. We already released chapters translated by Nyar-scans but unfortunately the group was closed. We’re looking for a translator who will translate the rest of the chapters, but you did it first. Thank you very much!
    It would be great if you give us permission. We really like this project, so it’s important to us. Of course, we’ll leave your credit and add a link to your site.
    Website: http://neomelodramatic.cba.pl/
    Once again, Thank you!

  • Hi! I’m Okaa-san from Kokoro no Fansub, (a spanish group)
    Link: http://kokoronofansub.blogspot.com.

    I would like to ask permission to use the scans and translation of (Chiisai Hitsuji wa Yume o Miru). We did not find the free Raw TTwTT… Of course, we´ll put a link to your fansub and we’ll provide proper credit.
    Thanks! >w<

    • We lost all of our raws for this project, so we’d be unable to share that with you. However, you can feel free to use our scans to re-translate. 🙂

  • Dear Stiletto Heels Staff

    I’m Mayta the main Admin of Forbidden Paradise Scan Group forum in Spanish. We are interest in re-scanlate your projects into our own language. We know that your work is serious and committed, nonprofit and fans for fans, so I would like your permission for use some Doujinshi of yours I mean translation and scans or just translation. We will be using this material until any title been licensed for a release in our Country. Please indicate us your permission and guidelines so that work under its rules.

    The material that we want to translate is as follows:
    Sakamichi no Apollon

    I would greatly appreciate your consent to my request. If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached at:

    Web site: http://s1.zetaboards.com/Forbidden_Paradise/index
    Thank you very much.


  • Hello! I’m Hanarashi from Gesshoku Fansub, a Spanish Fansub. I would like you to give us premission to re-scanlate Veins into Spanish.
    Of course, we´ll put a link to your fansub and we’ll provide proper credit.
    Our link is: http://gesshokufansub.blogspot.com/
    Thank you!

  • …sorry for this kind of insensitive comment, I know you all are busy as hell…
    but could you by any chance scanlate (or try, or save it for the future or something…) the manga ‘Girl in Heels’? There are raws up to volume 9 here: http://bishiehaven.blogspot.com/2009/04/korean-raws-girl-in-heels.html

    It’s okay to use them if BishieHaven is credited and you link back to their blog…

    And I will do my best to find the rest of the raws. v.v

    …yeah. so, I know this is pretty insensitive to ask… so sorry. but yeah, i kinda did it anyway. …sorry. yep.

    oh, and hang in there folks! thanks for your scans you crazy scanlation people! I swear you’re trying to kill yourselves with all the work you’re doing. =p

    oh… so maybe asking you guys to scanlate is a little… okay, CHANGE! can you try to see if ‘Girl in Heels’ is okay as a future project??? I just wanna make sure it doesn’t die. DX

    btdubs, thanks for reading this absurdly long comment. XD

    • Vic, you are tempting me with the whole “heels’ theme running through the title of the comic. Arrrrgh! I’ll make this short because I am super-duper-trooper busy wrapping up quality-checks for our anniversary week, and the answer is: Okay, on condition that we find a Korean translator for the project within 2 months.

      I’ll make a place for it on the website soon.

  • Hi !

    As Yukari, I wanted to know if I can get permission to translate Veins into french language, for the Soukai no Aoi french group.
    We will keep all your credits and special pages, of course, and link back to your web site!

    Thank you for your answer ♥

    • Yukari, you may have permission to retranslate Veins into French. However, the link to your website is not working. Once you have affiliated us, I’d like to add your group to our affiliates, so please let us know when it is back up and working.

  • Hi!

    I was wondering, what about if I want to translate one of your projects in another language? Can I get permission? Of course with all the credits and under your conditions.

    • Please let us know which projects you are interested in and in which language you are going to translate. Thanks! 😀

  • If you don’t mind my asking, what are all of the scanlating steps taken before the project is released?

    • Duckie, scanlating steps include: Scanning the raw mangas to be sent to a translator for translating and a raws prepper for prepping, which includes cropping/rotating/leveling the raws. After the preps are finished it is sent to a cleaner who removes the text/sfx, and then sent to a typesetter who creatively adds in the translations. It is then sent back to a quality-checker, who checks for mistakes. Hope that helps! 🙂

  • Hello, unfortunately I need to discuss this with staff members who are comitted to both projects before giving permission. I hope you won’t mind waiting until then.

  • Hello group Stiletto Heels!
    I would like to retranslate into spanish Sekine’s Love and Tokyo Alice,
    I would like to use your translation and scans,
    We will not remove the credits.
    so I want your permission to use.
    Thank you very much, I await your response.
    Atte. Manga Oh Yeah!

  • No password is required to download from this site. Everything has been updated, so there shouldn’t be any issues. In the chance that you cannot download a project, please contact us through the team email.

  • Hello! When I try to download Sukimasuki, it requests a password. I’ve been looking for one in your site but I haven’t found it. Do I need to register in somewhere or something like that?

    Thank you!

  • Amanda, I just noticed that we’re blacklisted there. I actually gave permission to the admin at MF for our projects, though I requested that he enforce the 2 day waiting period for releases. If you’d like to upload them there, feel free to do so. 🙂

  • You guys stated that were not allowed to host your manga on other site. Would it be ok to ask permission? i would like to upload the manga veins onto manga fox. Please reply backs. Thank you.

  • Hi guys,
    I started translating manga from English to my mothertounge and I’m interested in translating Sukimasuki, so I would like to have your permission to use your scans and translations.

  • *Title :* AnimeA
    *Site Link :* main site: http://www.animea.net/
    manga part: http://manga.animea.net/browse.html
    *Contact :* lizarazu@animea.net or on the forum at http://www.animea.net/contact.html

    Hello! I’m the mangareader administrator from AnimeA (http://animea.net/) and we have a mangareader online (http://manga.animea.net/). I was wondering if you mind if we host your projects? We keep you credits, messages etc. (actualy the file is exactly how you release it) and we offer a link back to your site. Also, if you have/will make a donation box, we can post it on our site (we don’t have one and won’t have).
    For the joint projects the days waiting are still 4?

    *note: on AnimeA it’s not necessary to register or pay to download/read online manga or download anime.

    Regards, AA mangareader admin,

    • Yes. I upload to animea XD The group just likes people to ask and to wait the waiting period. I was going to add the manga we release, but now it’s no longer possible to add manga without so many posts, so I have not. I’ve uploaded Heart O Uchinomese and was going to add Sukimasuki– but I haven’t requested it to be added, if not, I would have uploaded it already.


  • Hi there,

    I’m Squeaky from Fairyfly (www.fairyfly.org), I just like to ask permission to host your projects… Can you please reply back with your answer via fairyflymanga@gmail.com please?

    Thank you…


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