Future Projects

Annoying and Cunning Sisters by Battan

Summary from MU: Disconnected sisters Jun and Ran meet again for the first time in 8 years at their mother’s funeral. The reason they were disconnected was Ritsu, Jun’s ex-boyfriend and now Ran’s husband. Jun decides to take over her mother’s house, but Ran and Ritsu came over there before…

Staff Needed: Proofreader, Editor, Cleaner, Typesetter

Volumes: 2 (ongoing)


Heibon Ponch by George Asakura (Seinen, NSFW)
Summary: Aki Mashima is an overweight 30-year-old movie director with acne, who also happens to be a borderline lolicon with an irrational fear of large breasts. Mika Wanibuchi is an aggressively ambitious actress with an acute shortcoming in the mammary area, and an obsession with getting a pair of jugs that would make Pamela Anderson jealous. Shortly after their first meeting, Mika murders a famous busty idol, and Mashima decides to go on the run with her, filming their life on the lam.

Staff Needed: Cleaner and Typesetter
Volumes: 4 (completed)

Kaguyaden by Saitou Chiho

Summary from MU: Revisits the famous tale of Princess Kaguya. The beautiful lunar goddess is embodied here by a young woman thirsting for revenge.

Staff Needed: JTL, Proofreader, Editor, Cleaner, Typesetter

Volumes: 11 (ongoing)




Komodo Datte Otona ni Naru by Sato Yukie

Summary: Visiting home after a long time away, Nao bumps into her first love Yuzuru who informs her of his upcoming wedding to their childhood friend, Suzu. But when Nao returns to Tokyo in shock, someone decides to show up at her door…?

Staff Needed: Proofreader, Cleaner and Typesetter

Volumes: Standalone/single (5 chapters)



Paradise With You by Sano Mioko

Summary: Tomoe lives with her single mother after her father, a nature-loving photographer, dies in a tragic accident. Tomoe seeks refuge in her father’s only apprentice, Kazuya, but he is often away due to a busy schedule. Love, joy, pain and suffering. A young girl’s heart is simply bursting with emotions, emotions that she wishes she can share with a special someone.

Staff Needed: Proofreader, Editor, Cleaner, or Typesetter

Volumes: 15 (completed)