Our Team

Hats (Admin, Translator, Editor, Quality Control)

A takoyaki fiend who refuses to sleep more than four hours a day has learned with age that human beings need more than four hours of sleep to function normally. Her astounding abilities include mishearing people, misreading things, and collecting junk—lots and lots of junk. One thing she has managed to do right is developing a keen eye for interesting projects, introducing to the internet with  an eclectic range of Josei manga by underrated artists.

Weakness: Megane danshi
Current Project(s): Anything and all. (Damn, this girl needs a life.)

Swirly Owl (Admin, Editor, Quality Control)

A fine-feathered friend who lives in a place we can barely make out on the US map. (Geography has never been one of our strong points.) With the amount of manga she has stockpiled in her—are they owls, too?—parents’ war-zone garage, she could probably open up a library. A vicious manga hoarder, hardworking student, and just all around great friend to have on the team.

Weakness: Studying
Current Project(s): Has worked on practically every Heels’ project you can think of. (Someone give this owl a trophy!)

hirolove (Translator)

Always out at sea. We wonder what kind of adventures she’s going on. We’re still trying to get to know you better, but it won’t be long. 🙂

Weakness: Internet connection.
Current Project(s): &-and-, Otoko no Isshou

Peko (Translator)

Met Hats through Genshin, and after 10 episodes of YG TREASURE BOX, 40+ episodes of TREASURE MAP, and 8 episodes of their mystery web drama, The Mysterious Class, singlehandedly managed to get her into stanning 12 talented, creative, handsome and crackhead artists named TREASURE, even though she had sworn that AAA would be the last idol group “IN [HER] LIFE!!!” Also a dedicated cat butler. FF7 and manga addict.

Weakness: TREASURE
Project(s): Nobody Cry, Torch Song Ecology

candymudkipz (Proofreader)

We’re still trying to get to know you better, but it won’t be long. 🙂

Weakness: We’re dying to find out.
Project(s): Basically anything and everything. A true godsend.

Avelys (Typesetter)

Carnivorous Shoujo Reader who devours all shoujo in sight. OK, perhaps “all” is an overstatement. Just as a fruit bat prefers its fruit, or an Oryx Beisa its patch of grass, this Carnivorous Shoujo Reader thrives on her fair share of good shoujo to keep her heart beating, her soul touched, and to feel truly alive.

Project(s): ———???

Turyuri (Typesetter)

We’re still trying to get to know you better, but it won’t be long. 🙂

Weakness: We’re dying to find out.
Project(s): 3 AM Terrible Zone

Retired/On Hiatus Staff:

Stiletto (Founder)

Wiped out an entire website without backing up the database. The first words she silently mouthed when this tragedy occurred was, “Oh, crap.” And then: (waving around a potato chip in her hand) “See, this is what happens when you ask me to work.” Laziest Typesetter on earth, but the best super-mom on the planet.
Weakness: Potato chips

Lilanar (Senior Editor)

OK, so there may not even be any shred of truth in this, but one can’t help but imagine her as some sort of beautiful, ninja assassin from the Middle East, or a traveling gypsy driving her oxcart along a dusty road. Why an oxcart, you say? Ask not what has no sane answer. Only note that she has an incredible knack for making the end product look just as good as it was in raw form. Just don’t go anywhere near Sekine, fellow editors. Such is the intense love that she has for this emotionally-stunted man, that one could almost say that Sekine is to Lilanar as air is to humans.

Weakness: Hats dangling projects in front of her
Project(s): &, Natsuyuki Rendezvous, Nikotama, Paradise Without You, Shinkuu Katakoi Pack

wallswillfallbeforewedoMinelauva (Senior Editor)  

We like to call her an “enfant terrible” with an addiction to tea, although the co-founders are possibly more enfant et terrible than she could ever be. This fujoshi lives, breathes, and eats films, it’s a wonder how she even has time to scanlate! But she does, and does it damn well. The senior-est of senior staffs, we absolutely adore her for her otaku tendencies, strong opinions, and borderline-obsessive love for Basso, and we find it even more adorable that she can deny all that in French.

Weakness: Netflix
Project(s): Futagashira, Omi-sensei no Binetsu, Principal, Teke Teke Rendezvous

Aerial (Typesetter)

Typesetting Ninja Extraordinaire. Pours her heart and soul into picking out fonts, only to have that tyrant Hatsumimi swoop in and limit her freedom. Currently dealing with the likes of Nishi Keiko, George Asakura, and Moyoco Anno – ALL of them SFX/text-heavy Queens. Deserves a crown for achieving that impossible feat, sanity intact.
Weakness: Having nothing to do
Project(s): Ane no Kekkon, Love Master X, Meoto Safari, Nikotama, Nobody Cry

Badzphoto (Proofreader)

Faceless Grammar Nazi who brandishes a red pen like a fencing sword. For the past several years has never forgotten a comma, period, or the English language, but constantly forgets to upload a profile picture. We imagine badz as a penguin, one that takes secret pleasure in highlighting, underscoring, and especially crossing out.
Weakness: Bad grammar
Project(s): Ane no Kekkon, Hakkoiri Musume, Kiyoku Yawaku, Natsuyuki Rendezvous, Principal, Teke Teke Rendezvous

Filli (Typesetter)

A whimsically artistic typesetter who doesn’t know that we stalk her on twitter, or that we have now come to the belief that she is obsessed with amateur artwork and whimsical stuff because we stalk her on twitter, and especially doesn’t know that we can’t read Greek and uses BabelFish to interpret for us. Never mind that we have a hard time pronouncing her name, or that we mistakenly thought she aspired to be a teapot, Filli churns out some good stuff for the team.
Weakness: Pretty artwork
Project(s): &-and-, Nina My Love, Torch Song Ecology

Jel (J-E Translator)

A superhero(-ine) in our eyes. Possibly owns a cape, though it may be kept hidden. Swooped in to rescue a dying project, swooped out to work on it, and then swooped back in to drop it off.
Weakness: Bad translations.
Project(s): 3 AM Terrible Zone, Natsuyuki Rendezvous, Omi-sensei no Binetsu, neglected anything!

Megan (Cleaner & Proofreader)

Ah, Megan! Our overly optimistic, wonderfully apologetic, and eager cleaner. Who else could we depend on, if not her? If Heels Team were a depressed teenager standing under a dark cloud, she would be our silver lining, our ray of sunshine. If Heels Team were the bumblingly quiet and aging Matthew Cuthbert, she would be our Anne. Megan, we love you!

Project(s): 3 AM Terrible Zone, Ane no Kekkon, basically whatever Hats pleads with her to help with…

skippyskippy (Typesetter)

If every army needs its loyal soldier, then skippy would be ours. About the damned finest typesetter a scanlation team could ask for. ‘Nuff said.
Project(s): Sekine’s Love, Torch Song Ecology

Tiffu (Editor)

Our very own Heels’ kouhai/maknae/rookie. We’re still trying to dig up some dirt get to know you, but it won’t be long. 🙂
Project(s): Anata no Koto wa Sorehodo

zakkyliar (Typesetter)

Poor zakky. We continually drum up your hopes, and then dash them to the ground.

Project(s): 3 am Terrible Zone


amatsu (Typesetter) Funky Typesetting Diva who disappeared into the strobe lights of Seoul. We had a hard time retiring her… JUST IN CASE.

CanaryBlue (Cleaner) Earned herself the title of Ninja Cleaner. She stepped in all fresh-faced and new – a rookie, almost – and we handed her one of the most DIFFICULT authors to edit. (Read: George Asakura.)

Gracie (Typesetter) We hope you come back so we can get to know you better.

Jyu viole grace (Typesetter) Mysterious typesetter that arrived in mysterious circumstances, requesting mysteriously to work on Otoko no Isshou, when hardly anyone else wants to touch it with a  10-foot pole, and then mysteriously pops up here and there to mysteriously hand in work. Now if only we could less mysteriously give her something to do before she mysteriously runs away from boredom!

octopus (Proofreader) We’re not sure what this animal trend is with staff, but where there is owl and fowl, there is also a place for octopuses. While her cold and slimy relatives live in the sea, or are cloistered inside piping hot puffs of cooked wheat dough on Hats’ plate and smothered in Kewpie mayo and bonito flakes, she has managed to escape from the ocean, surpass hungry human detection, and somehow learn American English. It’s her eagerness to do so much that we think is so, so, so cute. If only we didn’t love to eat takoyaki so much, and pose less of a threat to her very existence on the team.