“Will He or Won’t He?” Better yet: “Will She or Won’t She?”

You know that gnawing sensation in your guts? The uncomfortable feeling you get when the pit of your stomach feels hollow? And, no, I’m not talking about Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

It’s that same feeling like when I was thirteen years old, having holed myself up in my room for days after school, just so I could subject the entire Highwind crew from FF7 to hours upon hours of vicious torture sessions, by parking the airship in certain areas around the forests surrounding Mideel and dropping them off in trios to battle enemies, so they could level grind their butts to 9999 HP. I did this in preparation for the last battle. A battle which never came because I had then (and still do now) this insane fear of things coming to an end.

It is the same feeling I get every time I’m supposed to go on a trip abroad (or in my friend’s words: Cutting [my] umbilical cord from America), on an airplane, and I call my best friend last minute and croak over the phone in the lamest of lame voices, “I’m sorry, J, I just- I just can’t go through with it…”

And here I am again, at the threshold of another important event – Sekine’s confession, for Pete’s sake! – and still so damn unwilling to cross that bridge. But, of course, I had you to think about. And poor Lilanar has spent so much of her free time dueling through this chapter before me, so, well, there’s no turning back now.

This is for Lilanar, for you guys, for the bosses in mid-90’s RPGs that I never went to beat, and for all the times I refused to get on a plane with my best friend J:

– Sekine’s Love v4, ch.16: Will he? Will he? Will he?
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Also, we screwed up a bit on our prior releases of Ane no Kekkon and Torch Song Ecology. Bizkit was about to lay the smackdown on me if I didn’t get my act together and harvest better results. So these are dedicated to you, Bizkit, badass layer of the smackdowns:
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