Midsprings’ Night Dream

A vivid dream, like an unshakable leech, clings to the forefront of my thoughts, and like the bulging, black, blood-sucking creature that it is cannot be removed without taking a part of me with it.

In it, a young woman is standing on a pier during what people like to call the magic hour. I must be very close, hovering in the peripheral, even, because I recall that I can see the soft light collected on her eyelashes like pollen. A moment later she is hoisting herself onto the railing, and I realize that it is me who is standing on the railing, because I can see what she sees: The roaring blackness beneath, like the cavern of a dark mouth, open and ready to swallow her whole. I close my eyes and heave forward when someone’s arms reaches out from behind me, a man’s arms, thick and sinewy with muscle, encircling my waist to pull me back against him, and then… my eyes snap open, the alarm is going off, and I realize it’s time to get up.

I find that this dream has unnerved me, and I’m not sure why. Sure, I woke up on the same bed, in the same room, in the very same floral shorts and tank from the night before, but I feel as if I’m not in the same place, and not the same person I was yesterday.

What was your dream today?

Anata no Koto wa Sorehodo Ch.2: Download | Read Online
OK, so I’m not saying people who don’t want to read this are a bunch of stuffed up fools, or that people should accept, or turn a blind eye, toward adultery. But it does take a bit of knocking to get us off our “high horse” a little, so to speak, so that we can read these intimate characterizations without wanting to smite thunder upon them. I love how frank Ikuemi Ryo’s approach to the subject is. Marriages don’t always end with a “happily ever after”; People do cheat on other people; Sometimes you may love your spouse more than he or she loves you, and it can make you do some crazy things. So maybe I am demanding you sit this bastard out with me because I, selfish being that I am, believe that you need to know what happens, even if everything unravels before your very eyes, and shit hits the fan, and we all end up getting so freaking mad at these people, all because I think that you will come out the better for knowing it. /gasps for air

Balancing Toy Ch.9: Download | Read Online
Why are some people rooting for Seiji as a romantic love interest? That’s like Mr. Jarndyce (Seiji) raising Esther (Haru) to be his future wife. I would have seriously upturned my table if Esther did not get with Dr. Woodcourt, and that was even with Jarndyce not having literally spent everyday of Esther’s childhood dressing her up, tying her hair, and tucking her into bed at night. (Ten e-nods to anyone who knows their Dickens.)

Chiruhi Ch.6:
Download | Read Online
Under the beautiful canopy of cherry blossoms, a young woman with desires to escape her fate meets with a young man who is returning to his.

Side note: Though it pains me that this project has come to an end, I must say that there were so many more happy moments while working on it, especially being able to team up with such wonderful people as cheesecrayons, Lilanar, and my sister, Stiletto, to complete this beautifully-crafted collection of short stories. I hope any passing soul will stop for a moment to immerse themselves in Kawachi Haruka’s “Edo”, and be momentarily transported to a time where things moved at a more languid pace, people seemed to have time for whimsical reflections, prostitutes had gorgeous kimonos, and men had funny haircuts. So, so, so worth your precious time. Please don’t forget to read it.

Toribako House Ch.4: Download | Read Online
At last, we can finally bade good bye to the sleepover party at Toribako House and Miki’s overbearing boyfriend.