Weird Mood

Guys with cats are so cute. That’s it. That’s the post.

Haha, just kidding.

(imagines our editor, SwirlyOwl, perched at her desk across the country, shaking her fists in the air at me): What!? We did not slave away at these chapters just for you to post this- this frivolity, Hats!

Wait, is frivolity even a word? [Googles it.]

Yes, yes…I really am that frivolous! Actually, Swirly would definitely not be shaking her fists at me. In fact, that’s the last thing she’d do. She’s like the smolest bean ever. I love her.

I’m severely lacking sleep today. Moved back in with my parents, and I have to put up with my younger brothers staying up until god knows what hours, raging at the computer screen while playing League of Legends cause their team “EFFING SUUUUUCKS AND EVEN IF [they] THROW [my cat] ON THE KEYBOARD, THE CAT WOULD STILL PLAY TEN TIMES BETTER THAN THESE LOSERS. RARRRRRRGH!”

I can’t wait until we move to a bigger house, so that I can finally get my own room back because I am practically in the living room shielded off by a curtain, god help me!

I hope you guys are faring better than I am. Let me know in the comments. I miss you all.

We have two releases today, brought to you by a very dedicated team. Jel and SwirlyOwl pitched in to help finish translations and editing for Kawachi Haruka’s Omi-Sensei no Binetsu, so you’ll be seeing releases of this more regularly. Please understand that we’re not paid for any of this, so please don’t come at us if you’re not happy with something. We’re just trying to do our best to fill the void that exists because the world be SLEEPING on Josei manga. 😤

Anyway, you guys can sleep in your beds, but not on these mangas.

Please read them.
With Love,

Vol 1, Chapter 02: Still just as weird. Click to read it Online.

Vol 1, Chapter 03: Omi finally acting like an actual teacher and not a lovesick fool. Phew. Click to read it online