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Luck of the Draw

I originally had a cute, introductory story to tell for my first ever post on the Stiletto Heels site, but the longer I typed it out, the more wrong it felt. As…

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BBL Babble

Dear Readers, We will resume releasing again for the anniversary next weekend. If you are reading this message and are an experienced typesetter with some free time to help out…

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Shippin’ Out

I’m currently moving house. My brother nearly had our landlord by the collar the other day. Guy (read: landlord) must have been absolutely PO’ed with having to hire a plumber…

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Crossguards &Turkey Weekend

While the cross-guards wouldn’t have made even a blip on my radar during the summer, I’ve been noticing them more frequently while driving, all thanks to my 12-year-old-brother, who thinks…

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