Dishin’ out the 411 & Other News (before my early Alzheimers sets in)

No releases yet. Yeah, I know. It’s sort of like a face-palm where the guy’s like, “Haha, IN ‘YO FACE, CHUMP!” at a time when you least expected it, but I’m like the guy you’re all buddy-buddy with (who you know will come through eventually, but can’t figure out when), so it’s all good, right?

We definitely have releases lined up for this month, which will most likely happen between November 21 – 23.

What ongoing projects have been done already? 3 AM Dangerous Zone Ch.4, Futago Ch.13, and Tokyo Alice Ch.6.

I keep moving the dates around, but this time, since they are literally in my hand/portable HD (which I lost but found a week ago), Part 1 of our All New Series Special will kick off on that date also since staff have already turned those chapters in. Part 1 will include & – and -, Even Children Become Adults, Junai Rosen, Principal, Sakamichi no Apollon, and Teketeke Rendezvous.

A few projects to highlight:

1) Heartbroken Chocolatier: I’m wrapping up translations for Chapter 3 & 4, so you won’t have to pine away too long.

2) Sekine’s Love/Natsuyuki Rendezvous: Next chapters are cleaned and just waiting for my translations and our dear Lilanar to get back from vacation. (She knew I’d probably cling to her legs refusing to let her go, so she took off while I was AFK.)

3) Amato Amaro will be our first BL project and subsequently part of our All New Series Special Part 2. (I think Minelauva must have slipped something into my tea for me to accept this raunchy project.)

Aaaaaaand that’s all folks!