March Madness

Well, this is an understatement. It’s been total madness all around. Take my word, it doesn’t happen often. I’m a basketball fan and there’s been a lot of hair pulling over games with my picks. A Cinderella run is dangerous and wildly unpredictable. EVERY YEAR, I attempt to get perfect picks in the first round, it never happens.~ TOTAL HEARTBREAK.~  I’ll keep trying! I also keep things running. You’ll see this theme running throughout this post. 

To beloved members of the SH family,

It’s been way too long since I last heard from Lilanar. She was very important to Hats and me. She was also the one who taught me everything (redrawing and cleaning). With no word for almost two years (a major emphasis on assumption), I assume she’s busy with her life/or not motivated to continue to edit now. To be fair, Jel (the translator) was patiently waiting for us to work on Natsuyuki Rendezvous Bangai Hen far too long. Anyway, I decided to pick up Natsuyuki Rendezvous BH and give it the love it deserves, after Lilanar put her sweat and tears into it. Maybe, maybe… she’ll get pissed off that I started work on her pet project and make her come back to me. Who knows. Wishful thinking. 

Technically, Even Children Become Adults (ECBA) is not a new project. (wince). For some reason, it was stuck in the never-ending limbo for almost 10 years. It was cleaned and typeset. Then SH’s HD crashed, we lost everything, and some work was saved but not all. We decided to bring it back because of a former editor’s hard work, we didn’t want to let it go to waste. If it looks familiar, it’s the same mangaka artist who did Nobody Cry, our previous project. A short and sweet project. Tessa, it’s here!

Like I said, our priority is wrapping up projects that are almost completed. We will occasionally release some chapters from our other favorite projects.

So, enjoy our goodie and more will come! Happy reading!


     Chapter 01

     Chapter 01

     Chapter 20