14th Anni Part I: Ono Natsume Galore to Be Had

HAPPY 14th Anniversary!!! WOW, that long… we might be getting old. Hmm….

It has been a while. Sorry about that. IRL, I just got busy with work and went on a vacation recently. I went to Canada with my sister, celebrated my birthday, and visited my brother in New York. It was a good trip and nice to get away from everything. I’m back now with a wonderful crew who have been working hard as usual and being patient with me while I get stuff together. 

Recently, a lot of people were asking about updates on projects. Keep in mind, we are a small group now and we only are working on very few projects at a time. We are not forgetting other projects. Soon, I will make a post about all projects’ status in the group. I’ll make it up to you guys with an abundance of releases in thanks to you guys being patient with us. 

Blame shielshi, tempting me and others with a new project called Coppers but as I read it, I fell in love with it. And the new translator, Zeus who did this project became a big fan of Ono Natsume. Here or there, you will see a new title pop up from this same author because of Zeus. We’re gonna toss a cookie to Zeus to keep them around and in return, they will help on other projects that need some loving. A fair trade, right? Therefore, I sincerely hope you guys will enjoy Coppers. 

So, enjoy our goodies and more will come! Happy reading!


     Chapter 7

     Chapter 1 & 2

     Chapter 11

     Chapter 4

     Chapter 21

     Chapter 10