Good Things are on the Horizon

Well…well. We are approaching a new year. We managed to accomplish a lot of things this past year. Got this group up and running, managed to recruit good people (I mean you, shielshi, Key, Tali, Peko, and more are lurking behind the scenes), and revived/finished some projects. Don’t worry, we will revive some more. My new year resolution for 2023 is work on the consistency of releases. That’s it. Sounds simple, right? Well, we all have lives and things get delayed due to us being busy, all that. However, we will keep trying to have the chapters out in a timely manner. Thank you to all staff members, who worked hard behind the scenes and our readers sticking by us, being patient. I’m forever grateful. Let’s do better next year, 2023 (actually in couple of hours).

Enjoy and Happy New Year! Let’s go, 2023! To more chapters, finishing the older series and new releases!


      Chapter 19

      Chapter 8