All Work and No Play

It’s true! I recently started a new job. It was easy and sluggish at first, but my boss just threw more and more work at me. It kept stacking up, and I was struggling to keep up. Which is a good indication since she trusts me to manage it and take over the responsibilities while she deals with a problematic employee who never gets anything done and attempts to hide anything (maybe stealing some money, etc.). To cut a long tale short, she dismissed her and was forced to take up her management position. This firm is rather small, with only a few employees. Anyway, remote job but lengthy hours ate up a lot of my time. At most, I worked 60 hours a week and the pay sucks. End of my rant. So, you know what happened to me last few months. Heh.

As a result, I missed doing manga and scanlations. So, I’m back and excited to get things moving again. Please accept my apologies and thank you for your patience. Technically, I had planned to release extra chapters for Anniversary in July. As usual, plans fell through, and life/work took over. I will provide an update on the status of other projects in my next post (I promise!).

So, enjoy our goodies and more will come! Happy reading!


     Chapter 12

     Chapter 3 & 4

     Chapter 9