Chaetophobic Mimi Versus H-H-Hair!!! & Release

I turned twenty-eight over a week ago, but there was no sounding of the trumpets, no fanfare, no confetti, no candles, no cake. A simple text message from my supervisor at work chimed in at 10:30: โ€œHappy b-day,โ€ it said.

That was when the thought struck me: Oh, today is my birthday.

But that was over a week ago. I feel no older than I was before. No more special than any other day of the year. Just the fluttering of these ridiculous bangs against my tepid skull reminds me that Iโ€™m overdue for a haircut. I’ve been keeping my hair long as some sort of exercise in love, I suppose. The guy I was seeing for a while liked girls with longer hair. He would take a few strands between his thumb and forefinger, study it carefully and then say, “Don’t get me wrong, you’re pretty now, but just imagine how much prettier you’ll be with long hair.” As if caught under a spell, I decided not to cut it.

Now that my hair is down to my shoulders, I have nightmares involving hair: Women with Rapunzel-like twines that keep growing and growing and growing; Women with long hair covering their faces; Women sauntering up to me and offering me a strand of hair that, no matter how much I tugged, had no end in sight…

It got so bad that when one of my coworkers, whose religion does not allow her to cut her hair, sneaked up on me from behind, just a glimpse of the flapping twine descending upon me was enough to wrestle a scream at her face.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she apologized and backed away. I felt really embarrassed after that and now can barely look the woman in the eye. I know you probably think I’m crazy, but seriously, when you’ve had short hair for over ten years, hair begins to feel foreign to you, like finding animal fur scarves with animal heads in your grandmother’s closet, the kind women used to dangle around their throats in the ’30’s and ’40’s.

And like clockwork, after unloading on unsuspecting readers, I will restore your sanity with fresh releases.

– & (and) v2, ch.7: I think Kaoru’s got it right when she says that adults have a hard time being straightforward about love, and so they choose to beat around the bush. When you’re young, you confess your feelings and go out. Simple as that. But when you’re older, for some reason, you start feeling the need to beat around the bush, and take as long as you can to tell them your true feelings. I think that’s the situation ALL the characters are in right now.
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– Gad Sfortunato ch.3: I don’t know why but midway around this chapter I started wondering where these character’s fit in Italian society. I mean, it seems like all of them are drawn to each other because of their sexual orientation, and no other people exist inside their little bubble. The world Basso has created for them is like a homosexual utopia or something.
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– Natsuyuki Rendezvous v3 ch.17 + Extra: By now most people have already seen the anime, but I hope you will continue reading this manga. It’s absolutely wonderful and beautiful to read. This chapter especially proves to be quite pivotal now that Rokka finally tracks down Hazuki to a place she and her husband have been to before. Here is where past and present begins to collide, and where Rokka and Shimao may be able to meet again.
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– Nobody Cry Story 1, Part 2: The heroine has become the sort of sniveling little girl I had hoped she wouldn’t become, but honestly it wasn’t so bad. At least she was humble enough to deal with issues between her and her best friend, and I do appreciate how she’s actually emotionally vulnerable with Haruaki.
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– Sekine’s Love v3 ch.15 & Sekine’s Vacation: I like how he “thinks” he’s made such a big move and expects Sara to “get it”, lol. This guy is so freaking adorable.
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