Be Thankful For…

Due to our staff’s generous spirit and hard work, we decided to share some wonderful chapters to tide you over for awhile. All thanks to shielshi for sharing some cool stuff (you will see: hint hint… Coppers).

Avelys from Shoujohearts has been busy with her schooling (a correct term?) so she was gracious enough to let me QC it in order to revive Sandaime again. Just like a zombie. It never stops. Our unwavering love for Sandaime.

Before I get busy with stuff again and forget things again. I owe you guys an update on projects.

Close to conclusion but will finish them soon when we have time.

Nina My Love: Need to complete the typesets/QCs
Toribako House: Need to complete the typesets/QCs
Coppers: In QCs
Love Master X: Need to complete the typesets/most cleans are done/QCs

In Progress:

3 AM TZ: In Cleaning/Typesetting Mode
Futagashira: In Cleaning/Typesetting Mode
Torch Song Ecology: Cleaned. No translations Yet so no typesetting
ECBA: No translations Yet, in cleaning mode.
Otoko no Isshou: No Cleaner, has couple of translations
Ane no Kekkon: Has a freelance editor, not enough translations
Natsuyuki Rendezvous Banghai: On and Off (not enough time), Has translations. Just needed to be cleaned.
Suppli: No translations Yet. Vol 1 and 2 cleaned chapters


IN Limbo (not enough staff or help or time)

Teketeke: No translations, No editor, etc
Nikotama: No translations, No editor but has few cleaned chapters
Kiyoku: No translations, in progress for editing but on and off
Meteo Safari: Has few chapters cleaned but no translations

Hiatus Indefinitely: Haikoiri and Heartbroken Chocolatier and & And

Dropped Due to Licensing: Anata no Koto wa Sorehodo

So, enjoy our goodies and more will come! Happy reading!


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     Chapter 8

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