Year of Dragon

Well, hi! I’m back. Work had been kicking my butt since December, but I was let go around two weeks ago by email. Is it not cool? My now-former supervisor told me via email that the department was being shut down. After feeling miserable for a while, I decided I could use my free time to work on scanlations for a month before looking for a new job. Lucky for you guys.

Okay, Sandaime project status: Stiletto Heels will take up the project and continue to release while ShoujoHearts remain on their hiatus. Maturin agreed to translate it. Hoorah.

More and more staff are slowly becoming active and pitching in to revive some long dormant projects.

So, enjoy our goodies and more will come! Happy reading!

     Chapter 7

     Chapter 22

     Chapter 10

     Chapter 9

     Chapter 10

     Chapter 14

     Chapter 11