Black-mailing Fridge Tyrants & Release

If you’re wondering what has become of the 21-year-old male Taiwanese administrative assistant sent down by our HR department, well he’s a tricky one. First few days in he raided my fridge, soured my bathroom-attack-vengeance plot by buying me desserts from Porto, and has now finally managed to corner me into submission.

6 PM, Tuesday evening, balcony.

Enter Mimi, munching a sandwich, when the balcony door swings vehemently open. The 21-year old male administrative assistant, whom we shall call 21-year old fridge tyrant (as he is so aptly coined by our reader Rexy), heaves toward her like a lion pouncing a doe-eyed gazelle.

21-year old fridge tyrant: You left your sweater on the chair, so I thought maybe you were still in the building.
Mimi: Oh, I didn’t leave it there.
21-year old fridge tyrant: It’s not yours?
Mimi: Oh, no, it’s mine.
21-year old fridge tyrant: It’s yours, but you weren’t the one to leave it there…
Mimi (waving sandwich in the air): I left it there a long time ago.
21-year old fridge tyrant (eyebrows furrowed): Even when you’re not in the office?
Mimi: Yeah…
21-year old fridge tyrant: So…you leave it there to make people think that you’re still at work, even when you’re not?

(He pauses a beat.)

21-year old fridge tyrant: Don’t you think that’s a little dishonest?

Exit Mimi, unable to respond and feeling utterly destroyed.

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