When your cell nose-dives into the toilet bowl (along with everything else in life.)

Yesterday I dropped my cell in the company toilet. I was wearing those stupid tight-as-heck benggirl high-waist jeans and bent over to pick something up in the bathroom stall, and it slid out of my back pocket and nose-dived into the toilet bowl with a resounding plop. I’m just glad I didn’t already do what I had gone in there to do, because without even thinking, I shoved my hand into the toilet bowl to retrieve it. It was only until after I had it dripping in my hand that a feeling of disgust washed over me.

I think that says a lot about my current situation.

So this is my ritual RL spiel. You can probably already guess what’s coming, right? Yep, delays and more delays, and more delays after that. Right now my aunt is still hospitalized from throat cancer (the cause of my earlier delay); my home PC is totally caput; I am in the process of moving out of my apartment because I can no longer afford the one I’m in now; I have to support my unemployed sister’s family until they can get back on their feet again; I am dealing with a really bad break-up with a guy who was “meant to be”; Things are just going down the drain for me right now.

I have been super-duper depressed for the past few weeks and was at a point where I didn’t even really care about coming online or scanlations or anything anymore. I didn’t really care if there were frustrated readers out there demanding their dosage of yaoi/josei/whatever it was either. I was like, “Forget you!”

But there will always, always be some of you who I just can’t picture myself disappointing. First and foremost is my staff, and secondly, all the regulars who are always thoughtful and send us encouragement despite the constant disappointments. A part of me was almost tempted to just disappear off the face of the e-planet, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

So, this is what I want you to do. I want you guys to sit tight until the end of the month. We will have a release then. My laptop will come in for site to store pick-up on November 23, and I will have packed up everything in my room by then, which will give me ample time to QC. I’m asking you to hang in there for just a little while longer, guys.

See you soon.