A Different Kind of March Madness

After my car failed smog, I’ve been commuting to work on my Citizen Tokyo. Twelve gloriously haphazard miles, round trip, through the urban jungle. Hear that neon orange doohicky squeaking down the sidewalk at 6:30 in the morning? Yep, that would be me. Debris pelting my face? No problem. Rain? Hah! Cat-calls from men I pass by? Don’t even hear ’em. Canines turned on by the sight of my spinning, sparkly wheels? (Snorts.) Nearly being mowed down by wild motorists and distracted moms pulling out of driveways? You make me laugh!

This biking life is a bed of roses compared to my former dismal, lonely wait in congested traffic, yelling safely behind enclosed steel and glass at old ladies cutting into my lane without signaling. That’s what I tell people when they ask about my car.

Male Coworker: Where’s your car?
Mimi: Blah de blah blah…bed of roses compared to my former dismal, lonely wait in congested traffic.
Male Coworker (unwrapping a soggy sandwich): Haha, no really. What happened to your car?
Mimi shoots him a look that is saying, Dude, my chopsticks in your eye sockets, now.

Laugh if you must, Male Coworker, but it won’t deter me. In May, I’ll be updating to a titanium Brompton. It’s lighter, faster, and folding capabilities are clean and super compact. My Citizen Tokyo isn’t wheel-able, and it’s just too heavy to carry inside stores.

Yes, this is the official “We are back, baby!” post. I know it’s bare bones, hardly any info on updates. But truth be told, I nearly forgot about the release and almost went to sleep just now. It was the image of Minelauva’s stern eyebrows that managed to wrestle me out of bed. Without her help and the hard work of the staff, these releases would not have been possible, so here I am to promote, promote, promote. I know the online reader and links need updating, but I need time to settle down after my move. I haven’t had a single day off of work to myself, so please bear with this silly circus bear until she gets her act together?

With Love,
Hatsumimi (Heels’ Admin)

With Extra Love From Our Staff,
Ane no Kekkon Ch.10: Download | Read Online
Not sure what will run out first at this point – Maki’s money, or Yori’s tenacity.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous Ch.19-20: Download | Read Online
Hazuki is determined to beat the crap out of Shimao and get back his body, and I am determined to beat the crap out of Shimao if Hazuki doesn’t get his body back.

Tsukikage Baby ch.3: Download | Read Online
Madoka can be a bit of a creeper. Doesn’t help that he likes to hang out with the neighborhood kids, and has a name like “Uncle Madoka.”