777-Triple Seven- Phase 2: Hi, I’m date Mike. Nice to meet me.

Hello all!

I’m CanaryBlue, a newbie cleaner here at Stiletto Heels! I was given an opportunity to write for all you lovely people and so I thought I would talk about how I ended up here to create some sense of intimacy in this post. Feeling it yet?

I came across this gem of a scanlation group around the time chapter 6 of And by Okazaki Mari was released. I remember I was just scrolling through titles—beginning to feel a little bored with manga, but still determined to find a series to read—when I came across ‘&’. The title piqued my interest so I clicked in…and what I found seriously blew me away. An addicting plot, a heroine you can’t help but to root for, stunning artwork, and the amazing presentation by Stiletto Heels really tied everything together into one super-awesome enjoyable experience. Yes, I really stopped to admire how perfectly executed each chapter was!

Oops, I didn’t really mention much about myself so here are some quick facts: I love my cat (he is sleeping on my stomach as I type this in the most awkward position ever to accommodate him), I am annoyingly specific about my pens (0.3mm and ball-point only please!), and my favorite TV series is The Office(get the reference?)! Thanks to the amazing people here, I have discovered the wonderful joy that is Josei manga, hahah! My favorite series here are &-and-, Sekine’s Love, and 3 AM Dangerous Zone. Please check them out if you are between releases and haven’t seen them already!

Err, back to my original train of thought. After two years of silent reading, I finally mustered up the courage to join the team. Just like you, I wanted to see my favorite titles updated! I figured that the quickest way to see that happen was to infiltrate the group from the inside, so tada! Here you are and please enjoy the releases :)!

Tsukikage_v02ch06_000a-000bCh.06 Download
Ch.07 Download
Ch.08 Download
Note From Hats: THANK YOU CANARYBLUE FOR STEPPING UP TO THE PLATE TO MAKE THIS RELEASE POST. Without your help I probably would have given up on a release. Originally, there were seven releases slated for 7/24, and then it ended up being only the five Tsukikage chapters on 7/25, and now, unfortunately, the last two chapters won’t make the cut. Seriously, I have been sitting at my computer screen for the past 5 hours, having had only 3 hours of sleep, dotting i’s and crossing t’s on Ch.9-10, and it’s still not done, and I have to go back to work in less than 6 hours… *takes a deep breath* We’ll see you again this Sunday with the remaining chapters. Until then, let’s just enjoy these babies.)