777-Triple Seven- Phase 1: A Few Favorite Things

Recently I’ve been going through some serious stuff, like, really serious stuff and frankly it’s been killing my vibes. So when I volunteered to write this post, I must have been nuts because what could I really talk about that wasn’t upsetting or sad? That means I have no fun stories or interesting happenings but I hope you’ll let me be selfish and try and cheer myself up. And the only way I know how to do that is shamelessly list off things that cheer me up.

I love July because it’s my birthday month (it’s not too early for birthday wishes!). I love driving with the windows down and wearing lipstick. I’ll eat breakfast food any time of the day, anywhere. I could straight up live in those huge greenhouses filled with butterflies and koi ponds. Flying in an airplane! Freshly baked bread! Mochi ice cream! People playing with your hair! And don’t forget new releases ٩(♡ε♡ )۶! Nothing cheers me up like releases from some of my favorite stories or sending out a little love & good vibrations. I’ve got a lot of nasty things messing with my life but I’ve still got the little things!

We’ve got a lot of good chapters this week! Don’t forget to show your love in the comments for our hardworking team (●♡∀♡)!

futagashiraEdo Japan has never been so freaking hilarious. Chonmages, kimonos, thieves getting rolled up into bamboo mats – What more could you ask for?
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futagoThe team went through hell and back to get these on the plate for today. SwirlyOwl can attest to that. jyuu viole grace, did you even sleep? Avelys’ fingers must have been smarting as well! *sends out hearts*
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sekineThere was a lot of sympathy being showered on Sekine by Typesetter, skippyskippy. With good reason. Sekine is too dense for his own good. (Oh, the feels! The feels!) But good grief, Sara can be a simpering coward herself. “Just go to him!” we want to shout at her. “GO TO HIM AND HOLD HIM TIGHT AND NEVER LET HIM GO!” *sobs*
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