Okaeri, Chiruhi; Ben Tornato, Gad (among other things)

I’m sure I had things to say, but the heat has zapped all the words out of me. Though I’m sure none of our readers are afraid of a little heat. (^_-)☆ How is the weather where you’re at?

Ane no Kekkon Volume 2, Ch.7: Download | Read Online

Chiruhi Story 1v2: Download | Read Online
Chiruhi Story 2: Download | Read Online

Gad Sfortunato Ch.4: Download | Read Online

Sekine’s Love Volume 4, Ch.19: Download | Read Online

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And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and squat in front of the oscillating fan over there, and watch my bangs flutter wildly like angry butterflies.