First Part- 13th Anniversary

As I watched our group slowly rebuild over the past few months with a mix of seasoned and new staff. We weren’t sure it would ever be the same again. We lost people to the thing called life. We became older but one thing we never lost is hope and passion for our projects. It was enough to reset and take on a chapter, a project at the time. Even I had to scold (ban) Hats for eyeing new projects. Again and again, we find ways to finish older projects so we all can enjoy the results from our hard work. Since US publishers aren’t particularly keen on josei. It’s disappointing because I have been reading josei for a long time and not much has changed since. That’s why we keep doing this, to share and to recognize those wonderful josei artists.

So Happy Anniversary to all, to the group surviving through hardships, filled with ups and downs. To the readers, thank you for your support and endless patience. We are immensely grateful and appreciative. Of course, to seasoned and new staff, putting out consistent and quality work and giving up your free time for Stiletto Heels projects.

So enjoy our goodies, and more will come! Happy reading!


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    Chapter 18

    Chapter 9

    Chapter 5.2

    Chapter 3 Story 2

    Chapter 2