Something Old, Something New, and Something Borrowed

Not to overshadow today’s release, but we just can’t get enough of Nemu Youko, which is why our team is working on the entire 3 am series: 3 AM Dangerous Zone, 3 AM Terrible Zone, and the spin-off, 3 AM Discord. With the return of billybare, we were able to get the cleaning done for nearly the entire third volume, so you can look forward to seeing more of Momoko and her intrusively zany cohorts shortly!

But it’s not just us. Apparently the Japanese readers can’t get enough of Nemu Youko either because after concluding the 3 AM series, she has been putting out a few new series, including a josei comic in Feel Young called Trap Hole (now on its third volume), which we (read: me/Mimi/Hats) had decided to pick up a while back, but couldn’t find the right moment to address it.

I was in the office and under a time crunch, so I couldn’t translate the entire May 2012 interview, but here’ s a snippet between Nemu and a Feel Young editor.

Editor: What can be expected from your new series, “Trap Hole”?

Nemu: I think that, while perhaps it may not be upbeat, it’s a very energetic tale. I’d like for this story to be so ridiculous that people will laugh and think to themselves, “How stupid!”, but will come to love it just the same. Please…give it some love.

Editor: Can you tell us how you came up with the story?

Nemu: Personally, when something very, very painful happens, I’d think to myself, “Oh, right now, I think I can illustrate the feelings of people who are going through something very, very painful.” It made me want to draw about it.

Editor: What shall we be looking forward to from now on?

Nemu: Porn in every chapter. (Just kidding.)

Editor: Don’t toy with us! (Laughs) Now then, in conclusion, please give our Feel Young readers a parting message!

Nemu: I’m really, really grateful for those of you who loved the 3 AM series. All of your support has really cheered me on. I’ll be starting a new series in this month’s issue, and will give it everything I’ve got in hopes that you will all enjoy it, too.

Before we continue to our releases, I’d just like to point out one thing, and that is that we did not give proper credit for the editing work of Dangerous Zone chapter 10. /omagah!/ Though we simply adore you, billybare, you had not cleaned this chapter. In fact, you were away on hiatus at the time, which would have made it simply impossible for you to have done the cleaning. And therefore, it was our dear SwirlyOwl (whom we are just as crazy about) who fought tooth and nail to make the chapter look as spiffy as it did… And though it’s no consolation – I mean, how can we not even get our staff’s name right? – I’ve gone ahead and fixed our download and reader to show said changes.

Come to think of it, I screwed up on the creds for an Al and Neri release as well. (Sorry Minelauva!)

But all this talk of Nemu Youko isn’t for nothing. We actually have a new chapter for Dangerous Zone today. Just a few days ago, I was commenting with our reader, kurini, about how there’s only five chapters left, but now that I actually have the first chapter of the last volume in hand (which I am about to bestow on you salivating munchkins) it’s starting to sink in that Zone is really going to end very soon… I’m not exactly sure whether I’m feeling joy or sadness. Maybe a little of both? It’s so complicated!

As for other great news, we are so freaking stoked to be able to bring you guys the first chapter of Watanabe Peco’s seinen manga, Nikotama.
It’s been a while since we’ve put out seinen, but Nikotama holds a very special place in my heart, especially now that both Lilanar and I are/will be turning the same age as the main characters. Chapter One is a bit of a dark comedy that moves at a languid, contemplative pace. Check it out and let us know what you think!

And moving right along, we also have two new riveting chapters from Ane no Kekkon and Futago. (Though I’m using the term “riveting” loosely, because all that riveting goodness is rather low-key.) Still I’m sure you’ve missed these projects, because I sure did. Especially Futago, which is like our team’s own prodigal son. While reading over the latest chapter, my heart quelled with nostalgia. It was like a swift kick in the emotional nuts.

Anyway, usually I have some crazy thing going on in my life that would provide you sadists minutes of pure entertainment, but, well, it’s nice to have a break from all that wackiness once in a while. Tonight, I just want you all to enjoy manga together with the team.

With Love, From the Gals @ Stiletto Heels:

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