Second Part, 13th Anniversary: Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you

‘Go Now’

Those two words shut a door
Between me and the blessed rain
That was never shut before
And will not open again …

Getting a lump in my throat right now thinking about how I’m here—right here in my sheep pattern pajamas and pushing my oversized bifocals up from sliding down my nose—because I have the honor of closing out our 13th Anniversary month and saying goodbye to some of our beloved projects. In 13 years, I could have had a baby and my child would already be a teenager probably trying to get famous on TikTok and slamming the door in my face when I ask her to hand over her phone /crying emojis/

Instead, I’m sitting in a seiza position on my chair in my ridiculous sheep pajamas writing up this anniversary post.

To be honest, I wanted to write a long, rambling love letter, but this will read more like a post card. And I think that’s okay. To all of you, the ones who have filtered in and out all these years, thank you, thank you, thank you for volunteering your precious time to help make this happen.

The following releases will complete our promised 13th chapters to celebrate 13 years at Stiletto Heels. Thank you for the love you’ve given us all these years. We will keep improving and putting out more great releases in the following years to come.

Vol 1, ch5: I hope Ogura gains her confidence soon and lowkey find Miya obnoxious whenever he comments on her looks. Ogura, you have options too, you know!


Vol. 5, Ch.26: Shiro really needs to be more upfront with Kaoru about his feelings, seriously. Why does he torture himself like that? It’s not healthy.


Vol. 1, Ch.09: Do you get déjà vu? Events retold from a different perspective. Benzo getting rolled up in a bamboo mat will forever be iconic.


Vol. 5, Ch.25 *END*: I think I’m starting to hyperventilate. Futago is finally ending, you guyyyyyssssss.


Vol. 1, Ch.08 *END*: Another one we’re saying goodbye to today. I really want to thank Jel for stepping up to translate this project. You’ve been a true source of relief. And Swirly as well for taking up the dirty work of editing and just making it look so enjoyable to read. Unfortunately, Omi never got a chance to take off. The series was discontinued, and it seems Kawachi Haruka has moved onto other projects since. I think this manga had so much potential. Would have liked to see where she planned to take it. How would you have liked the story to continue?

Principal Side Story: One of our most favorite shoujo heroines makes a surprise return in this spin-off of Principal, along with her friends. Haruka Kunishige’s expressions in here give me life!

Vol.2, Ch.07: It’s not horror, but why do I get chills down my spine every time I see the singing child?