Nobody Cry Story 3: Like Flowers That Bloom (Final)

It’s been so long I’ve forgotten how this works! The one keeping the lights on at Heels is definitely Swirly. /crying/

I peep there’s even a few new editions to the team as well, which is always exciting.

Anyway, I’ll make this short and sweet. We were supposed to release this chapter during the summer on our anniversary week, but my family got sick, and things happened… But we’re finally here with the final installment of Sato Yukie’s shoujo manga, Nobody Cry. It’s no longer summer, but I hope this chapter will remind you a bit of the bittersweet memories of summer breaks in high school. And maybe unrequited love?

Nobody Cry Story 3: Like Flowers That Bloom

“The walk home from school only takes 15 minutes. But instead of going straight home, I go the long way around.”