The Face That Launched a Thousand Meows

If you’re wondering what that monster is, it’s my androgynous mackerel tabby, Mugen. Occasionally I suspect he’s plotting something against me because I will wake up to find him glaring at me with that very expression from his corner of the bed.

Mimi: Why are you looking at me like that?

Mimi: Are you hungry, is that it?

Mimi: Don’t tell me you’re not happy living here?

Of course, with his unbending will, my interrogation eventually leads to a humiliating defeat. I’m not sure what’s worse though: A grown woman accepting defeat from a cat or a grown woman talking to her cat. (I should really start spending less time alone.)

And now that we’ve got that out the way………TA-DA! Our beloved Heels’s staff work their magic once again.

However, be forewarned! Any verbal flak about “how slow” releases are will be met with some glove-on-cheek action and the full force of Mimi and Heels Team’s collective “Eyebrows of Consternation.”Β Everyone on the team is using up valuable, valuable time to churn these projects out. Time that could have gone to better things like studying for exams, working, being with family/friends, and just real life in general.

3 AM Dangerous Zone v2, ch.8: All I have to say to Momoko is, “Daaaayum girl. You got guts.”

Nina My Love v2, ch.8: Girls are always wondering what boys do when they’re alone together, and here we examine two fine specimens, sharing delicate desserts while discussing girls.

Principal v2, ch.6-7 FIXED PAGES: Piccolo! Piccolo! πŸ˜‰ If some of these pages weren’t so integral to the plot, I wouldn’t have thought twice about fixing them.

Principal v2, ch.8 w/ Extras: Wao gives his dilapadated house a farewell rub, while Haruka calls up Shima trying to assuage her guilt. I have to admit, I didn’t hate Haruka, even after all the stunts she pulled on Shima. But what she said to Gen was absolutely abominable; It was downright low. Somebody needs to backhand that girl with a pair of leather gloves.

Sekine’s Love v3, ch.13: Sekine’s “first date” with Sara doesn’t just end with chafed heels after all. πŸ˜‰

And if you’re wondering why there are so many glove references, let the record show that it has always been my unfulfilled desire to see such a duel scene filmed for a British period drama. Horatio Hornblower was an epic series, but I swear it would have been ten times better with one glove scene. (Okay, I don’t know where they’d be able to fit something like that when all the men are filthy and bare-handed aboard the ship, but that won’t stop me from dreaming.)