You never miss a good thing ’til it’s gone

After 18 years, Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ has finally come to an end. I used to catch the episodes airing on the International channel as a teenager, and watched religiously until about a year ago. After that, I’d catch episodes uploaded here and there, but could never really find time to watch them all. Just the other day, I figured I’d catch up since I had a day off of work, only to find that my hard drive had crashed on me, taking hostage the 80 gbs or so of Hey!x3 episodes with it.

Coming online, I find out that the show had ended it’s 18 year run, and the news gutted me like a slab of tuna.

Still, I’m glad it’s not the end of Downtown. If Gaki no Tsukai were to end, I’d overturn all the tables in every LA diner. If Downtown decided to call it quits, I’d mourn them like I lost a grandfather.

Anyway, with news (though rather belated) about the end of Hey!x3 comes the end of Nina My Love Volume 1. I bet you all thought we’d never get around to it, huh? Kekeke. Not sure how many of you are still interested in this series seeing as it’s been a heckuva long time since the last release. (560 Days? WTH?). But I hope that you’ll nab this chapter and read it anyway because it’s really good. Thanks to hard work of our staff, especially our new typesetter, shuyiin, we were able to get the ball rolling again on this project. You’ll be seeing the next chapter in our following April release.

Nina My Love Ch.7 & Extra: Atsushi faces his “final boss” when he decides to take down Ushijima.