A missing Hubcab, missing wife, and missing him

So some floosie breaks my car window and makes off with a radio dial, an MP3 charger and the hubcab on my rear left tire. For what seemed like an eternity, I stood utterly silent, mouth agape, lamenting into the dark, empty concaves where the bolts for the hubcab should have been.

My dad shoots me a meek smile and says, ” Thank god, the hubcap only cost me 20 bucks.”

Now when I drive to work, strangers ogle my hubcap-less, rear-left tire and snicker mercilessly.

Futago Ch.5 – Ayaka missing from home prompts Sakurada-san to confront Yukari, who in turn forces him to confront Ayaka, who in turn says she doesn’t want to go back home? *Pulls hair*

Futago Volume 1, Ch. 5 DDL

Himawari Ch. 2 – Hikaru and Tsugumi exercise their lip muscles.

"Stick out your lower lip... like dis."

Himwari Ch. 2 DDL