Goodbye, Stiletto Heels? (Drum roll, please)

You can put away your crowbars and baseball bats now. This definitely isn’t a good-bye post. We just like pulling your legs, because it’s just waaaay too easy. ;p

In between nearly peeing my pants watching Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams (the Blizzard segment which doesn’t even count as one of the nightmares in the film) and being called a wussie by my brothers; peeling back my eyelids into my eyeball sockets at the visually sensual and action-packed splendor of Read or Die the OVA (for the 100th time); breaking a leg after falling off a tree while trying to save my mackerel tabby, Emma, and being forced to take medical leave because I needed the time to recuperate from the trauma of being my betrayed by my own cat my leg; and then getting a sore throat and a fever for several days (which I’m still suffering through now as we speak) and seriously contemplating my own death and how incredibly dorky (and nonsensical) it would have been to have it read aloud at my funeral that “She died of a sore throat”……

I managed to get some scanlation work done.

I knew you were all waiting ever-so-patiently, including the Veins Heels’ staff, who must have thought I was dead. Let me just say (and I speak for the entire team here) that your comments (Yes, we do read them) have been a good, swift kick in the rear-end. Without them, who knows how long I could have wallowed in my own self-pity?

Up for grabs:

Bitou Lollipop Volume 1, Chapter 3 DDL
Veins Chapter 3: Lion DDL