Here again, to stir up the dust.


A message from the Queen of Antics a.k.a Hatsumimi a.k.a bedridden woman hereby reads:

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I come in the name of peace (and maybe to wreak a little havoc in your static lives), and offer you the fruits of a few weeks of labor: Double Iketani releases. Oh, joy!

Futago Ch. 4 DDL
Bito Lollipop Ch. 2 DDL

Why did it take a few weeks to do two measley chapters, you ask? Blame it on 13 episodes of Pretear, wisdom teeth, dehydration, and exams (for the staffers).

For those of you wondering what the heck the titles mean, Futago means twins, and the bitou in ” Bitou Lollipop” stands for “low in sugar,” which is an apt name to apply to this manga, because – let’s face it – when we think of shoujo, 99.9% of the time, we get this saccharine, sugary taste foaming in our mouths.

Most shoujos are – well, dare I say it? – ” candy floss”. Bitou Lollipop sets itself apart from the start: The title speaks for itself.  And if that’s not enough to convince you, let me tell you (rolls up sleeves) how it succeeds in 3 ways:

1) Having the craziest of crazy female manga artists to spin the tale (you can tell just by reading her free talk sessions),
2) the zaniest characters (with equally zany expressions),
and 3) an addicting and convincing story to back up all the strange antics.

If you haven’t started reading, do so now! Or else. *cracks knuckles* [end quote]

Just because she’s sick, doesn’t mean she can’t whoop your ass, so I suggest you better get moving.