Every Intentions…

Originally, I wanted to release something in January and February, but the plans fell through. As usual. Right now, we are focusing on projects that are almost complete so we can put those to the bed and put our energy into other projects. But….!!! I’m sure you’re wondering what’s going on with certain projects and wanting some chapters to be released after years of waiting. I had to beg some staff members (especially you, Lin-Senpai, Peko and Key) to help me to get those one or two projects rolling again so we can give you the hope it’s still being worked on and not forgotten. All thanks to Lin-Senpai for coming and pitching in to bring Ane no Kekkon back to life. I’m forever grateful to their hard work. Yes! Finally! Ane no Kekkon chapter is here to complete volume 3! Anyway, I’m sure you’re anxious to read this chapter.

So, enjoy our goodies, and more will come! Happy reading!


     Chapter 18

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     Chapter 03

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