Luck of the Draw

I originally had a cute, introductory story to tell for my first ever post on the Stiletto Heels site, but the longer I typed it out, the more wrong it felt. As a result, I’m left without anything interesting, funny or charming to say. Therefore, I’m left to resort to my own wit and the luck of the draw to whatever comes out my head and through the keyboard punches.

It’s probably too often that I resort to this method, but I can’t help but think the results are a bit more interesting, although, not necessarily, the choice method for a college senior (don’t follow suit!). As a college student, I resort to chance more than what’s recommended. Even though hard work, preparation and forethought are admired, a chance draw is more than my daily life. I’m either blindly guessing some question on a test, the answer to an interview question I wasn’t expecting or the flip of a card during a drinking game, deciding what my condition in hour will be purely by chance. The luck of the draw, albeit not as astute, is surely much more interesting. Probably not as well put together as my original post, this one was definitely more fun.

Big shout outs to new members skippyskippy and uruumi for help on Sekine and Aeriel for help on Ane no Kekkon! I know I’ll be enjoying those chapters a lot (especially &)!

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There you go!