Chotto darui… (A Little Tired…)

When I heard that El Niño with its destructive rain was coming, and a smattering of rain leaking from the sky the week following showed significant promise, I bought a pair of rain boots from Nordstrom. Four days later they arrived at my office, and after I finished unwrapping the soft layer of translucent white tissue that encased them with the efficiency of a master sushi chef filleting a Spanish mackerel, I threw my arms up in the air and shouted, “Yahoo!” Rain boots! For rain!

I had almost forgotten what rain was until the eager meteorologists on NPR dutifully came on the air to remind forgetful cat ladies such as me. Can you imagine what I could do with this pair of rain boots? I told myself. I could walk into puddles – Splash! Splash! Splash! I could stomp on leaves – Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! And if a storm came, I would be prepared to wade through Mother Nature’s gift of a lobster and crab fiesta wave! Good bye, Sun! Sayonara, Sucker! Don’t dream of me cause it’s over!

But now, months later, they are still sitting in a box wrapped in tissue because – Earth to Mimi – we are suffering a prolonged drought. In fact, I’m having Déjà vu. Wasn’t I sitting in front of the computer typing up a release post wearing this same pair of wilting floral tank and shorts last summer?

Lately, I’ve been suffering from a discouraging bout of sleepiness from the humidity. It’s like some creep far away has a remote control that possesses my eyelids. It’s really scary how they easily droop under the weight of exhaustion. A lot of times I jolt awake to find that I’ve been sleeping in front of the computer, half-drooling onto an open notebook meant to take down Kanji for translating purposes. Typesetter skippyskippy jokingly said it was due to my old age, but somehow I can believe it… Is it just me, or do my joints creak when I bend over to tie my shoelaces? I wasn’t like that in my twenties!

The one thing I do feel awful about is that we didn’t get to celebrate our 6th Anniversary together. We lost a few key staff members, and then I had a death in the family, which has honestly made me not the same ever since. I just couldn’t bring myself to turn on the computer. But this month, we’ve had an influx of volunteers who stepped up to the plate. I’m a little overwhelmed with requests for work and can’t quite catch up yet. This is a first time in the history of the team that we’ve been offered so much help. I’m a little bashful, actually. Why are so many freaking sweet people collectively putting their e-hands on my shoulders and reassuring me by saying, “Let us help you, you poor daft woman?”

Avelys, I must – no, I WILL – get you something to do! Even if it’s the last thing I do, damn it all!

Anyway, nothing beats the heat for me, not even autumn. Autumn here is like an extension of summer, so it never really feels like it has officially ended. I guess the first night when I walk out on the porch to feed my one remaining cat in my wilting floral tank and shorts, and goosebumps – actual pimply, prickly bumps of skin – from the chill crawl up my skinny knees, then that will signify the end of summer?

When do you know summer has ended?

Of course, releases to ease the a) heat or b) cold depending on where you’re located. Big welcome to Xekuhz who started her first project typesetting the scary-fun Omake chapter of Principal! Avelys, once again, I repeat, I must – no, I WILL – get you something to do! Even if it’s the last thing I do!

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