We’ll Be Back (Engrish styru.)

Honestly, I have had to go up against meddling aunts, incessantly chirpy relatives raiding my fridge and eating through my why-do-they-make-them-so-freaking-tiny tub of coffee-flavored Häagen-Dazs, and sleepless nights prowling the neighborhood after work with the only reachable person by phone, my ex-boyfriend, for my missing cat. The only “silver lining” this week being the incredibly adorable pair of miniature kokeshi the boss-man planted on my desk from his trip to Sendai for relief work.

kokeshiAren’t they simply adorable? > /// <

It almost makes me forget how this very same man came up for a smoke on the rooftop years ago when I was still kind of new and was stunned by the ungodly sight of me squatting in a corner with my mouth ajar…



So, forgive me, Heels’ Staff & Readers, but I am going to spend my Friday night in a tattered jersey, plonked on my Zaisu chair, knees wrapped up under an electric blanket, eating a mini-tub of coffee-flavored Häagen-Dazs, which cost me $1.50, and read me a book. I am going to wait patiently for my cat to return home because something tells me he will. And I will see you all in a few days when I have these beautiful projects ready to be released. At this current state of time, they are definitely not presentable.

What are you doing this Friday night?