Something New Under the Sun (announcement!)

Coming here to make a quick announcement about our online reader and the future of our group.

First things first, you’ll be able to read all of our translated chapters here from now on:

Yes, the layout’s simple, but we wanted it that way. Simple and clean.
Is the way that you’re making me feel tonight
It’s hard to let it go

(A bit of a Kingdom Hearts reference for you KH lovers)

The old reader will be gone soon, so please make sure to bookmark !!

As for the future of our team, we are still actively working behind the scenes, getting things ready so that we can come back to you guys more regularly. To be honest, I wasn’t in a great space mentally, and things just weren’t going okay. I also caught covid and took a while to completely recover.

With that said, I just want to say that Swirly Owl, despite her own personal problems, has been a tremendous help in keeping our team alive and motivating me and others to come back and work on our projects again. I can’t thank you enough, Swirly. *sobs*

Please, please, wait just a little bit longer. I know I haven’t been the most exemplary example in trustworthiness when it comes to time management, but trust me on this one? We’ll be back very soon to continue some of your most beloved projects.