Procrastination & Release

Normal people usually do their spring cleaning in the spring when the weather is more pleasant. The Ito household, however, has a touch of the Goldilocks Syndrome. This year, we planned on doing it early, but Weather, itself, whimsical and impervious to our pleas for stability, kept cartwheeling around us. Either it was “too hot” or “too cold”, and we were left to assure ourselves that we would get around to it – like, really, seriously buckle ourselves down for it – once it was “just right.” We were content with saying, “Well, we like waiting for things!” And then several months later summer came and swept us up into a fiery furnace of heat, making it impossible to budge even a centimeter without breaking a sweat.

And the consequences? Why, merely being boxed in on all sides by the crystallized form of our book-hoarding mentality, with not an inch of free space! Therefore, no other choice proffered up except the one: Get off our lazy butts and start moving!

But, oh! Look! Here’s that copy of Neal Stephenson’s “Anathem” that went missing last year. What? My dog-eared copy of Joseph Heller’s Catch-22! Brings back memories. Eww! My collection of Judith McNaught historical romance novels. Why do I still have them?!

And several hours later…

My room is still piled from floor to ceiling with books. In case of a fire, firefighters will have to wade through this sea of tinder to find me. No, maybe, they will just let the flames consume me. I will only have myself to blame for it because I was too lazy to rid myself of so much hazardous, flammable material. On my epitaph it will read: Eaten alive by literature. But, but, but I haven’t even read them all yet. *proceeds to split open a copy of a cheap thriller she can’t even remember the title of and will probably never finish reading*

I have so many books to read, and not enough time!

But with every last vestige of my body, I shall spur myself onward to type this special release post. Yes, I must! *tosses the book aside*

I say “special” because it is. A lot of busy people were involved in the process, and I feel like everyone fought tooth and nail to make it happen. First and foremost, applauds to Aerial for returning in the nick of time to finish typesets on Ane no Kekkon Chapter 15:
Download || Read Online
We all need a little touch of winter romance to keep us going.


Second, we teamed up with an awesome shoujo group, ShoujoHearts, to present to you a new project by Iketani Rikako entitled, “Hakkoiri no Musume.” Please be sure to check out their post here! for a more in-depth coverage of this manga, as well as a slew of other great shoujo!

Tamako, who has lead a sheltered life all her life, wants to attend a university in Tokyo to follow her boyfriend there but is opposed by her grandfather. So she plans a fake engagement with Noriyuki in exchange for her grandfather’s financial support to his family’s shop while both he and she gets to study in Tokyo.

Please take your time to read it and let us know what you think!

Hakkoiri no Musume Chapter 1: Download || Read Online

Our 8th year anniversary lands on Sunday, July 30th. We will see you again soon with enough goodies to make you drop your— Err, we will see you again soon!

*hands slowly inch toward a new pile of unread books*