BBL Babble

Dear Readers,

We will resume releasing again for the anniversary next weekend. If you are reading this message and are an experienced typesetter with some free time to help out with a chapter, please email me at We’re not asking for commitment to the team long term, just for help with ONE chapter if you have some free time. We are pretty bare bones staff right now, and I am clearly overworking the little remaining staff that we have left. Also I seriously suck at editing and want to focus on translating! Please chip in a little bit of your free time to prevent Hatsumimi from sending out edited atrocities into the world.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all the newcomers who have signed up to help. Megan, you especially deserve a round of applause for all your awesomeness. I know we’ve put you through some grueling training, and whereas others would have easily given up, you’ve kept your chin up. Have to thank Minelauva, Swirly, and Uriel for being great teachers. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any time to translate, so all you antsy proofreaders have nothing to do right now, and I feel awful about it.

I’m definitely willing to step down from my post as admin to focus on doing what I do best, TRANSLATE. If there’s anyone out there who doesn’t have the necessary skills to edit or translate, but has great organizational/team leader skills, please email me ASAP.

With love,