Extreme Kodak Moment

Being Caught in One's Underwear

This is why I love Futago. ‘Nuff said.

Futago Volume 3, Ch.14 – EPPPPPPPIC.
Principal Volume 1, Ch.1 – Hello? It’s from the Genius-Maestro-Genius Ikuemi Ryo. She’s been writing shoujo since the ’80’s, and knows her stuff. I head-locked Pirato4ka for the cleans, wrestled Miwachan to do proofreads, and then pummeled Lypipheria (our new typesetter) to finish the typesets. If the manga wasn’t THAT good, would we go through all this trouble?

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Message to our Readers [re. Omiai & Release]:

Lilly, just because you’re an anime freak doesn’t mean it’ll turn a guy off on a date. At least my 23-year-old brother (who we will call Canon in D because that’s all he’s been playing since he got his electric guitar) seems to think it’s pretty cool for you to be in touch with your “otaku” side.

Canon in D: She seems like the kind who will leave my Gundam collection alone.
Mimi: What if she’s vertically-challenged?
Canon in D: I’ll just have to stoop a little lower to kiss her.
Mimi: D’Awwww.
(Canon in D uses his left foot to nudge Mimi out of room/closet-hole/burrow and slams door in her face.)
Mimi (from other side of door): D’Awwww.

I guess this just means you were meant for a “boy”.

Ageha_chan: You know how you were giving me tips on how I could weasle my way out of an omiai? And you know how you said, to a) Act like an extreme liberal; b) Say you don’t EVER want kids; c) Tell them you’ve a spending problem and are actually tens of thousands of dollars in debt – not including your student loans; d) You’re spending has also caused you to be a hoarder. Introduce them to the show “Hoarding: Buried Alive” if they don’t know what hoarding is; e) You don’t actually cook or clean and only shower maybe once a week???

And remember how I didn’t reply back for so long?

Consider it a pregnant pause where I was too embarrassed to acknowledge that all of the above were true. ( Except for the once-a-week-shower thing.) (I’m not that depraved!)

Rexy: I wish I could convincingly tell people that I don’t want kids. But for some reason, after I hit 26, they just started looking ridiculously cute to me. Seriously, if a cute kid were to come waddling by my desk right now, I don’t know if I would be able to restrain myself from trying to lure them to sit on my lap with candy. xD Yeah, I know. This might become a dangerous trend in the future…

Deets: I always have a wrinkle here or there, and chronic “bed hair”, so I am fully-prepared.

You can look forward to these releases next time you see us:

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Heartbroken Chocolatier Volume 1, Ch.3
Junai Rosen CH.1
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Nina My Love Volume 1, Ch.7 & Omake [?]
Teketeke Rendezvous Volume 1, Ch.1

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