Crossguards &Turkey Weekend

While the cross-guards wouldn’t have made even a blip on my radar during the summer, I’ve been noticing them more frequently while driving, all thanks to my 12-year-old-brother, who thinks he’s Mike Shinoda with an Ibanez and keeps demanding in his sing-song voice that I wake him up “when September ends, ” while I channel Rivers Cuomo and howl back, “What’s the deal with your brain? Why are you obviously insane? Singing…oooooooh oh, Ooohhhhh oh, oh Ooohhh oohh,” until my mom who embodies all things opera contained in a 50’s cap-sleeve dress and a bad perm, tells us to “Pipe down, you idiots!”

On my drive to work (and his to be dropped off at school), he is forever pointing them out. There’s LaTeesha (because she’s black), Whysoserious? (because he’s a white man with a crew-cut), and Resident Evil (because he’s pockmarked.)

But our ultimate favorite is the middle-aged man on Pioneer Avenue, who we always spot in aviator sunglasses, shorts and a lime-green vest, embracing the crosswalk like a madman, arms extended outwards in both directions, face-palming everyone. We dubbed him “Reno 911.” *cues in Dave Grohl’s Police and Thieves*

In-between cross-guard-viewing and turkey-basting, the Heels’ staff and I have procrastinated at our jobs/in school to make room for these releases:

& (and) Volume 1, Ch.1

3 AM Dangerous Zone Volume 1, Ch.4

Futago Volume 3, Ch.13

Sakamichi no Apollon Volume 1, Ch.1

There are several more coming next Monday, including the promised sixth chapter of Tokyo Alice. Current releases will not be added to our reader until Monday, but please be a little patient. In the meantime, have a great weekend, all!! — Edit: We’re having a few problems with contacting our host for the reader. Hope you don’t mind waiting a few more days while we sort this problem out. 🙁