How the “Mimi” family spends their days before X-MAS

My family isn’t really big on X-Mas and never have been. We’re the kind that, when parked near a house with a friendly Christmas display that other people would be Ooh-ing and Aww-ing about, would get super-cynical.

MIMI MAMA (one arm sweeping across windshield): ラスベガスへようこそ! (Welcome to Las Vegas!)
MIKE-SHINODA-WANNABE-12-YEAR-OLD BRO: I think I’m going blind.
MIMI: I bet these people starve their children to pay for the electricity bill.
MIMI PAPA: No…No, those kids look pretty well-fed to me.

(I know. You probably hate us, right?) Still, Mimi Mama’s hosting some sort of luncheon for her friends and therefore has her excuse to spend hours in front of the mirror prepping her hair. This morning was another exciting day in the neighborhood.

MIMI MAMA (checking out her bangs, which are coiffed into a design the family dubs “Blooming Rose in Winter”): What do you think?
MIMI: Oh, my god!
MIMI PAPA: Hm, looks good to me.
MIKE-SHINODA-WANNABE-12-YEAR-OLD BRO (licks his fingertips and pinches the top corner of Mimi Mama’s bangs): If you put some gel right here, you could shape it into a reindeer and hang lights on it.
MIMI: What are you doing? Quit giving her ideas!

Anyway, I’m sure you’re all like, “C’mon, c’mon! Where are they?” and while I regret to say that it’s only two releases, I’m sure you’d still want them anyway, right?

Natsuyuki Rendezvous Volume 1, Ch.3 – Oh, Hazuki-kun… *Swoons like a Victorian princess*

Sekine’s Love Volume 2, Ch.6 – Sekine tries to make spaghetti, keep a pet, and…buy a sewing machine?

You’ll find all these releases and more on the Heels’ Reader. Enjoy! 🙂

There were a few other intended releases slated for this week, but that was just an ETA, and everyone and their great-grandmother’s uncle’s aunt’s ex-wife knows that I’m terrible at following schedules and deadlines. There’s just no way all that’s going to get done in time for Christmas, so what I’m going to do is give you a mass update on what to expect:

1) These will be released next week after the holidays:
– & (and) Volume 1, Ch.1 [Fixed Release]
– & (and) Ch.2 (may show up the second week of Jan 2012)
– 3 AM Dangerous Zone Volume 1, Ch.5
– Amato Amaro # 5
– Junai Rosen Ch.1
– Principal Volume 1, Ch.1
– Teketeke Rendezvous Volume 1, Ch.1
– Tokyo Alice Volume 2, Ch.6

2) Status of current projects (in alphabetical order):

& (and) Ch.2: Cleaning & Translating
Amato Amaro Ch.6: Cleaned & Translating
Balancing Toy Ch.1: Cleaning.
Bitou Lollipop Ch.9: Cleans received from FG & currently translating.
Even Children Become Adults Ch.1 & 2: Quality-checking.
D no Maou Ch.1: Cleaned & Translating
Futago Ch.14: Translating & raws being prepped
Heartbroken Chocolatier Ch.3 & 4: Checking over cleans.
Junai Rosen Ch.1 – 3: Typesetting.
Kiyoku Yawaku Ch.4: Translations sent to Perfect Illusions
Love Master X Ch.1: Typesetting.
Natsuyuki Rendezvous Ch.4: Typesetting.
Natsuyuki Rendezvous Ch.5 + Omake: Just need to translate the 8-page extra chapter where Kawachi Haruka bombards us with kanji and messy handwriting. (Urgh.)
Nina My Love Ch.7 + Omake: Translating & Cleaning
Principal Ch.2-3: Cleaned & Translating
Sakamichi no Apollon Ch.2: Translating
Sekine’s Love Ch.7 – 10: Scanning.
Tokyo Alice Ch.7: Translating
Teketeke Rendezvous Ch.2: Cleaned & Translating
Toribako House Ch.3 & 4: Cleaned & Translating
What Revolves Around Aru and Neri Ch.1: Translating