Want to know the status of a project? Here’s your chance.

Yes, I lured you in with a pic of a hot guy. Was it cowardly? Yes. Was it deceitful? Yes. Did it work?

Apparently so. p(๏ฝ€ฮตยดq๏ผ‰

Mimi is to Nina My Love as Mimi is to her current boyfriend. Translate: It’s complicated, OK? Translate: Leave me alone! Translate – OK, damn it, forget that analogy. We’re not getting anywhere with it. Let’s just say that I’ve had a bumpy relationship with both, and I’m at a point where I can’t back out because there was too much progress made. That’s why, when I got an email from someone politely asking me to cough up my Nina raws because I’m taking a gazillion years to release chapters, I was like, “OK, buddy, we need to talk.”

Call it greed if you want. Yes, I’m “greedy” for the time and money my staff and I spent buying, translating and editing so many chapters. My staff – tortoises they may be at times due to RL – have already done so much, that I can’t simply fork over my raws and translations. Oh, hells no (snaps fingers). We are THIS close to finishing up Volume 2.

That doesn’t mean I hold claim on the project, OK? Don’t get me wrong here. If anyone else wants to buy their own raws and scanlate it themselves, then be my guest. But the editor I dumped the rest of v2 on has pretty much THE toughest job I can think of right now. I can’t blame her for taking her time because she was so nice not to refuse me while other people bailed out on Nina, leaving her (and amatsu) to pick up the pieces, when I know that all she probably wants to do is sleep and maybe to get going on the project she’s been hoping to work on for a year, Okazaki Mari’s Suppli.

Anyway, who am I to force any of the staff to work? We’re not paid to do this. I know how busy life gets. I’ve been translating the same chapter of Futago for months! But, hey, I did finish that chapter yesterday, so don’t hold it against me.

If you want to know what the heck is going on with Project So-and-So, then here’s your chance. You have my full attention here. Drop a line and I’ll reply ASAP.