Feeling a little short?

Apologies in advance. This release post is going to be pretty short. So short, Chiaki from AAA gets to be my “Feeling Short” mascot. Adorably tiny, isn’t she? Same goes for these crazy but obviously not very many releases. I’m really surprised at how much of a good time I had reading each chapter though. No, I’m not just saying that cause they’re Heels’ projects and I think we have a lot less duds than other groups. >.> <.< I did have a blast though and you will too. This includes Anata no Koto wa Sorehodo in case all you Koki haters are wondering.

&-and- Volume 4, Chapter 17 DOWNLOAD || Read Online

Anata no Koto Volume 1, Chapter 4 DOWNLOAD || Read Online

Principal Volume 6, Chapter 21 || Read Online

These were so long overdue. Thank you Aerial, Megan, Minelauva, badzphoto, octopus and skippyskippy for all your contributions!

Oh, and Valentines/Singles Awareness day is tomorrow. I’ve never been big on the holiday, but I plan to bake some chocolates. What are your plans?