Stiletto Heels Team Turns its Terrible Two!

It’s Stiletto Heels’s second year anniversary, and in preparation for this special day, I have been secretly trimming the money tree in our office to “raise the roof.”

(Yeah, I know. It’s tough being a working woman. 😉 )

Unfortunately I have yet to find where I missplaced the photo, so we’ll just have to settle with this for now:

So what’s in store for us today? Well, we did bite off a little more than we could chew when we promised weekly Futago releases, and poor chili, who has been patiently waiting for George Asakura’s Teketeke Rendezvous will have to wait just a while longer than expected, but we hope that these goodies won’t disappoint:

3 am Dangerous Zone Volume 1, Ch.3 [Momoko explodes.]

Bitou Lollipop Volume 2, Ch.7 [Christmas in July.]

Chiruhi Story # 1 [The way to a woman’s heart is through…a goldfish?] — Tread with caution, this chapter contains some graphic material.

Futago Volume 2, Ch.11 [Ayaka goes on a date with her father-in-law?!]

This is just the prelude, folks, and only half of what is in store, and we will be releasing the rest of the anniversary projects throughout next week.

None of this would be possible without the help and support of our wickedly awesome Heels’ mafiosos who brandished their scanners, mouses, keyboards and tablets with an almost criminal flourish. We wouldn’t know what to do without you guys, so I would like to personally give our thanks (in no particular order):

Posh Bang – There is never a dull moment when you take off for vacation and we’re left standing in the dust shaking our fists angrily in the air muttering, “Why, I outta…”

Kim – I’ve used and abused and re-abused you and yet you keep coming back! Does this make you a masochist? (We don’t know.) Still, you’ve been with us forever and we appreciate it.

Minelauva – I’ve never told you this before, but everytime I get an email from you, I’m reminded that I need to stop by Downtown Long Beach’s Creme de la Crepe and be pampered and served and stuffed by bishi French waiters.

P.S. Why do French people spend hours sitting in a cafe drinking coffee?

Elanor – You probably have nightmares of me running toward you, waving comics in the air, screaming: “Elanor, I need your help!” Thanks for always pulling through when we need you. (And you know we ALWAYS need you.)

Lilanar – You’ve been doing all the “dirty work” and nobody can do it better. If there’s a steamy scene in store, we know who to go to. 😉

geekings – I keep missing you on chatango. Fate has been cruel to us.

As for our newer staff: amytsu, kei, kitsune, Panda-chan, Choco-Noctis, Lilac and Misa, we’ve yet to get to know you better, but not for long.

And last but not least, we haven’t forgotten about our crazy joint partners, faithful stalkers readers, friends, and retired staff. We couldn’t have come this far without you, and you, and YOU!