Wham, Bam, and “Thank you, Ma’am.”

I can already picture everyone looking at me and seeing a halo surrounding my head. And, really, you aren’t imagining things. This one’s a leftover from last year’s costume party. 😉

Futago Volume 3, Chapter 12 [After confronting Mihiko Papa, Ayaka heads for a show-down with Mikihiko Mama, while Naomi and Yukari watch helplessly from the sidelines.]

Natsuyuki Rendezvous Volume 1, Chapter 2 [Hazuki basically flips Shimao the bird.]

Nina My Love Volume 1, Chapter 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 [Never has so little happened in a span of six chapters that took more than two years to get here. Read ’em and weep.]

Toribako House Volume 1, Ch.2 [Kamaya plays super-hero.]

Thanks to the tremendous effort of our staff, we’re finally able to catch up on Nina releases. We did the best we could with those sucky public raws, and only one more chapter to go before we start using our own tankos (which make me want to weep because the scans are just that beautiful.)

These chapters and all other releases are available to read online: