Please, don’t shoot the messenger

A recent comment on our site was brought to my attention regarding inaccurate updates. I’m not here to release anything. (You’ll know why later.) I am only here to reply to some questions everyone might be thinking:

Q – Man, when will you stop fooling us with your inaccurate release date schedules?
A – Trust me, my intention was to inform and not deceive. When I state a release, it really is genuinely intended for that day, but things do come up, like they always come up for me. As of today, I’ll no longer be posting ETA’s because I hate to disappoint anyone, but I will continue to inform the readers of which projects we intend to release.

Q – Where can I go to ask for release dates then?
A – There’s an “Ask Hatsu” box on the bottom right hand corner. I personally answer each and every one of these emails, so if there’s something you’d like to know, or any complaints that you have, please feel free to contact me through there.

Q – Why are you not releasing what should have been released two weeks ago?
A – Because I (Hatsumimi) and not they (the Stiletto Heels’ staff) am holding these releases hostage until I am done Q-checking them. That’s all there is to it. The other staff have finished doing their part, but I am just a little slower because RL prevails, and I’m in the middle of pursuing a lawsuit following the car accident that happened on Memorial Day weekend, and while I love you guys and want to give you everything all at once, I just don’t have the manpower and time to do that yet.

Last but not least, we have a set of new editors and cleaners, and we are getting a lot done behind-the-scenes. All of our staff have been working very hard to catch up. Expect releases sooner than later. If there’s anyone to blame for slow releases, then it’s a combination of me, a lack of good Japanese to English translators and Quality-checkers. Until we can fill the gap, you’ll have to bear with it.

See you soon,
Hatsumimi (Stiletto Heels’ Admin)