Labor Day Weekend (Eeyae.)

Labor Day is a few days away, and here we are, forced to clock in overtime, and there’s even talk of having to camp out for another few hours in the office. So for me, tomorrow is my real weekend, and out of common courtesy, I asked my supervisor what he would be doing tonight and he replied, “Same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world!” (Apparently I have been designated the one without brains.) Since the show is now his current favorite, he will use this line every time we ask that question, and since he’s our boss, it’s our fiduciary duty to ask it at the end of every day.

I have been hunched in my cubicle for minutes now wondering whether it would be wise to break up the monotony by singing The Beets’ I need more allowance! Yo-do-lay-hee-hoo~ when he hands me my paycheck.

"Eat your beets!" (Eeyae.)

First up (and probably last for you hooligans who fast-forward through everything I say to get to the releases):
Treats to get you through your boring Labor Day Weekend.
(Munch slowly, munch quickly, munch in pieces if you want!)

Heartbroken Chocolatier Volume 1, Ch.2[Souta gives me the creeps. I want to cut myself free from this moron, but, but…If only he wasn’t so hot in an apron…]

Sekine’s Love Volume 1, Ch.4 [Keep your heart meds handy. This guy has the power to make it ache so badly, you’d need a doctor.]

Toribako House Volume 1, Ch.1 [This is what happens when you throw together an anally-retentive, space-invading college brat and a gutless, claustrophobic, overly-sensitive girl.]

You can read these releases online at our Heels reader, located on the [HEELS READER] tab on your right-hand side, made possibleby Tamashii and Tessa from Evil Flowers. (I told them I was PC-retarded, and they patted me on the head and said, “It’s okay, dear,” and a day later, it was done.) From now on, you can catch new releases and reminisce over old ones. There may be some errors when uploading chapters to the reader, but please be patient as we will try and get them fixed right away.

Second: I could almost faint at how lucky I am these past few months. Six new editors signed up and our HQ bustled back to life.

We now have Love-chan, an editor who occupies my time with her constant WOT (wall of text) messages, addiction to all things Josei, and who I’ve now designated (against her will) my constant e-panion during lonely afternoons in the cubicle. Then there’s Notsotranquil, who (staying true to her name) is not afraid to say the word, “uterus.” And then there’s Mate from Germany who is a person of little words but a lot of action. Oh, and lets not forget Pirato4ka, who can’t resist two things: Tall, long-haired blond bishies and spoilers.

There’s also a few staff we’ll have plenty of time in the future to get to know: Kitsune, Kei, augi and Choco-Noctis.


As always, thanks, for your “thanks.” It’s always nice to get a little ego boost every once in a while, but what really keeps us going is your feedback on the chapters you read: What do you like about the characters? What do do you hate about them? Who do you want to jump off a cliff? What do you think will happen next? Share with us, please!

Our next September release will be:

Nina My Love by Ikeumi Ryo
Teketeke Rendezvous by George Asakura

Our upcoming September releases are:

3 am Dangerous Zone by Nemu Youko
Bitou Lollipop by Iketani Ricaco
Futago by Iketani Ricaco
Himawari by Ueno Ai
Natsuyuki Rendezvous by Kawachi Haruka
Principal by Ikuemi Ryo